Beautiful lake

We stayed for two nights. On first night (Friday) we didn’t get there until 730pm but there were not too many people and we were still avail to get one with water view. There were many sites right by water open but having a puppy with us we figured to stay little fat from water. It’s $20 a night, and depending on which loop your site is in pay station differs (it’s all right by bathroom) one of the book we have says this place offers shower but we did not see one.

Size of the site was pretty big. There were 4 of us plus dog we had 3 tents (4p and two 2p tent) still had enough room for us to have cooler around etc. first night said lowest was 45 but it definitely felt colder. We had our winter sleeping bag but our friends said it was pretty cold. View of lake was beautiful and you can walk down to boat launch with wasn’t too far from my site (80). Some people had hammock but some sites like ours had trees too far from each other so if you’re thinking about hammock make sure you get a set with decent tree for your needs.

There is not many pet friendly hikes sadly. But there are plenty of short hikes near by for those without. If you go back to where the ranger station is there is hike for waterfall which is pretty easy and towards the end there is stairs but very easy hike.

Sites were busy on Saturday there were definitely more cars and people. Even there is quiet hours some people got loud pass midnight which woke me up. Please be considerate of others! (Sites were close to see each other but can’t hear conversations or anything)

Check out time is 11am. Sunday wasn’t too cold at all didn’t need my jacket in the morning to go use bathroom and we only started fire to cook, actually had few logs left over.

I wish I had my kayak or something. Water is definitely cold to swim but would love to be out there. View of stars by the boat launch at night was beautiful as well.

I think it was pretty quiet and not too clamped considering it’s only the second weekend after they open for the season. Would love to go back there in the summer hopefully there isn’t too many people lol

Easter weekend

We arrived little later around 6 p.m. And being such a nice day there were only few sites left. Size of the sites varies but one we got we were avail to put up 2-2 person tent and 1- 4 person tent (only had one vehicle so used extra spot for vehicle as temt site.

Toilet was near by but it ran out of toilet paper next morning due to high number of people camping overnight. If there is any trouble of sorts, park ranger station was right there at the entrance of the camp sites.

It was hard to find pricing on camp online, it is $12 per site per night. And discovery pass is required. ( if you don't have one there is a slip there for you to pay for one as well) You get the little slip, fill out the info and out cash/check and deposit the envelope portion, keep the detachable slip and display on vehicle.

It got little chilly at night but wasn't too bad. One person said he got bitten by spider, but asides that didn't experience any mosquitos at this time of the year which is great for me.

Beach is walking distance. And you can walk around if you want we did spot a bald eagle early in the morning.

This place is little further from town so make sure you have everything you need if you want to get comfortable and enjoy the getaway.

Dog friendly and they recommend 6ft or shorter leash.