Ashley S.
Detroit, MI
Joined September 2018
Mother of two, homeschooling my children so we can adventure and learn aswe travel our beautiful country! 💞
Family approved

Going into this camping trip I had little clue what to expect. With my sister in-law leading this adventure I buckled up and made the 500+ mile drive as prepared asi thought i could be. Driving to the campground i was unsure if our camping trip was going to be in a remote area or in a subdivision. With lots of shopping, restaurants and really whatever you could ever need just 15 mins or less away I was skeptical of if I would even feel I was in the mountains. With lots of twist in the road on our way, we were getting excited. I was at peace upon our arrival as we entered the long private road entrance with the beauty of nature all around us. The owners and employees were so wonderful,helpful and relaxed, that we immediately felt at home with mother nature. We had a pretty large with grandma in tow so the staff put is near a restroom with full plumbing for convenience, greatly appreciated. We were also right at the bottom of a trail that lead straight up the mountain (Pocono) with beautiful sites and of course photo opportunities for my family and I. There's nothing like yoga on huge rocks you could fall off of to get your blood flowing and test your true abilities. The playground at the campground was small but left plenty of grassy space for our kids to play safely and for us all to yoga since our actualcamp site was basicly rock. I didn't take into account we were camping on a mountain when i packed. (TIP: I highly suggest stakes made for this type of ground. I was unprepared) The pool was decent and the restrooms and showers for the women very clean but for whatever reason for the men, well let's just say they didn't look as good as the women's. Overall our week camping here was very present and all of us from ages 18 months to 76 years old say "Cranberry Run Campground family approved!"

Perfect for the whole family

What started as a little get away turned into not wanting to leave! A swimming pool and playground with basketball court to keep my kids entertained and clean facilities convinced me I had made the right choice. As an added plus a horse barn (Heavenly Horse Stables) right on property offering riding lessons, trail rides and meet and greets with their houses and other barn animals, my daughter wanted to move here. Other perks to this campground: Openings to Pinckney State trails right on property and all sorts of lakes, parks and small town downtown areas for food and shopping nearby, H.C.R.C. was a hidden gem.