Ashley S.

Orono, ME

Joined August 2018

great spot!

We actually got married here. We stayed in the cabins and a few of our guests camped. Obviously we’re fond of it for emotional reasons but it’s also just a great spot. The owners are great people. The store is well stocked, and there are a ton of amenities. It’s also close to other fun coastal towns. Definitely worth a visit.

Worth the Trek

This is probably the most beautiful coastal location in the state of Maine. The campsites are very limited and this is a popular spot. Show up early to get one!

We did it as a weekend backpacking trip with the dog. Campsites are all located in gorgeous spots, but there is very little running water. We did find some to filter but would recommend bringing at least 5L per person and another 2L or more depending on the size of your dog. We have a cocker spaniel so she’s not huge but she’s black and over heats easily so she did drink a fair amount of our water. there is a commode of sorts at each campsite but you can’t be shy! It’s definitely not enclosed. Just a toilet seat in the woods. I think our neighbors kids saw my butt. There were no signs about alcohol but keep in mind you have to pack everything out. We packed in a beer each for a wonderful backpacking treat. Worth the weight.

There are a ton of resources and write ups, check out the website and do your homework.

Great Spot!

First of all, fires and dogs are both totally fine! We go every year. It’s a short walk to the Bass Harbor Lighthouse, on the quiet side of the island, and has clean accommodations. There’s nowhere on the island we’d tather go!