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Chef by trade, daughter of nature, animal lover, gamer, car camper, twisted flower child. Never camp without my furbabies.
Have mixed feelings about the sight

Found this from a different platform. There it's called South Fork Shenandoah River. 38.769895, -78.394634

I have mixed feelings about this place. Yes it is beautiful, and for the most part quiet. There is a campground across the water a d the sounds do carry. You'll here gunshots as hunting is ok in the area. You still get traffic noise, you'll know when someone is getting too far out of the right lane.

Airport is too close so plenty of light pollution to block out the true beauty of the night sky.

There are about 5 campsites, one was reclaimed by Mother Nature. But you can still find a bench right in front of a fire pit. There could be more past the boat ramp, but didnt bother to go there didnt ant to end up on the 6 o clock news since there was a tent down that way.

Have two toilets that are pretty gross and I dont think Im tall enough to squat over that composting toilet.

2 deers came to visit us at night. Killed a cottonmouth buried it since I didnt know how to properly cook and eat it. Saw Momma and two baby black bears.

Verizon gets no service whatsoever not even the hotspot.

Yellow flies and mosquitos are bad out there.

No upkeep of the area.during my 10 day stay did not see a single ranger, but did see a cop that only came out in response to a 911 call from a now disconnected phone.Locals will party here and leave their traces. One ever put a candle in a tree and almost made it catch on fireballs they will also try to bully you and lie to your face for their favorite spot.

Big thing to note is that the locals will hog up the sites sometimes coming out at least a week in advance to set up a tent. One guy was smart enough to hang a barely used trash bag from a tree to make it seem like the site was being used.

Would I stay here again? Yes and no. Might be better once its cooler, during the week, and if there's no major holiday within a week of when you plan on going.