Ashley D.
Macomb, MI
Joined August 2018
Destination Worthy Hikes

I visited Porcupine Mountains 2 weeks ago. I parked at Lake of the Clouds and made the hike to Shining Cloud Falls with 35 lbs on my back. The hike was rough, you hike up and down the mountain with many steep stretches, travel through 3 rivers/streams. The site was beautiful and completely worth it. The water was clean for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and swimming. A mouse did somehow manage to get into my peanuts which were up on the bear pole and night and left us a surprise in a coffee mug left by the camp fire. We were also visited by either deer or moose at night. The second day we hiked to LS-16, the hike was better than day 1 though travel consisted of hiking long sketches on small pebbles. The site is directly on lake superior, we made it in time for a beautiful sun set. The water was crystal clear and great for swimming, cooking, and cleaning as well. This site is a shared site, important to not and we did not have a bear pole and thus had to hang food from the tree. The hike back to Lake of the Clouds was a straight up mountain venture. Incredible sites along the way. Total trek was about 22.5 miles. The park was dog friendly.