Ashlee L.

Fairhaven, MA

Joined April 2018

I’m a tent camper from southcoast Mass, but I enjoy camping across the country because it’s the most inexpensive way to travel!

Great views, nice amenities!

Pros: great staff, great views, very nice amenities (modern and clean), good price for the area

Cons: little privacy, could use toilets closer to the rustic tent area

Overall, this was a great campground.  I was able to get the most private tent site in the campground, the very last one next to their (gorgeous) nature trail on the ocean.  The site was directly on the water, we could hear the ocean all night and we had wonderful views.  Note that it isn't a beach - a lot of decaying sea grass all along those ocean sites, so it not good for swimming or fishing.  But there are nice swimming areas near the campground, so it wasn't a huge loss.  And the woman who booked the reservation on the phone w/ me made it clear that while it was oceanside, it was not a nice swimming area.

There were lots of nice amenities throughout the campground - very nice clean, and modern bathrooms and showers (which were free!), a rooftop swimming pool, a recreation area, an observation platform over the marsh, and free morning coffee.  There was also a fully stocked camp store with lots of great items at fair prices.  On our last day we were disappointed to see that they had a GREAT selection of snorkel gear at super fair prices - we paid 3x what they were asking at a big dive store in the area because we didn't think to check their store.  Make sure you look around there first if you need anything!

One thing that I would have loved would be a bathhouse (even just toilets!) in the rustic tent camping area.  The one shower/bath house was in the RV part of the campground, and was about a 10 minute walk from the tent area, which is not ideal in the middle of the night.  

While we were there, there was lots of construction going on, so lots of noise during the day (luckily we left for Key West or the local state parks in the daytime), and sites that had construction equipment.  That wasn't ideal, but since the campground is open year round there isn't really any way around it.  If that is important to you, you may want to check with them to see if those projects are finished.

There are also key deer in the campground.  They are super curious and will come right up to you!  We just made sure not to pet or feed them.

Overall, great campground - if we stay in the Keys again we will totally return!

Nice family campground with good amenities

Pros: this was a seemingly nice family-oriented campground with lots of nice amenities - the restrooms were in decent shape, there was a dish-washing sink available, and they even do movies in the amphitheater.  The lake is also very nice as well. And even though there was an extreme lack of privacy, it was one of the quietest campgrounds I've ever been to, which surprised me a lot.  

Cons: virtually no privacy between sites.

There are a handful of sites right on the beach by the lake.  If I could get one of those sites, or one a little more private than what we had, I would go again in a heartbeat.

Lots of privacy but that's the only positive

If you want the most private and quiet campground experience you can get without boondocking, this place is for you if you can deal with the negatives.  But in my opinion, it was too rustic and outdated for even me (and I've seen some bad campgrounds in my travels).

To start, when booking our site I was under the impression that it was on the water.. well it is, if you climb down a cliff with a sheer 30 foot drop.  So off the bat, I was already very disappointed because I was expecting we'd be able to launch kayaks directly from our site (there is a public boat launch in the state park, however).  Additionally, our site (and many others) are actually walk in sites with your own parking space - we had to carry our stuff about 30 yards into the site over tons of exposed roots, which for some people could be very dangerous; nowhere on the website does it say they are walk-in sites either.  Our site pad had almost no level areas at all, so our tent was at a slight angle, the bug house we put over the picnic table (totally necessary - see below) was all over the place, and even the included fire pit was on a steep incline, with barely any room for chairs unless you want to try and sit on a slope without falling.  We almost switched with a neighboring site that was more level but were glad we didn't - when it rained two days later, that entire site was flooded for half a day with about 2" of standing water! They really need to engineer the sites better by cutting down a few more trees to increase the size of the site and level them out better.  Also, because the place is so heavily wooded and damp, the bugs are INSANE.  If we didn't have a screen house to put over the table, I would have stayed in the tent the whole time because I was getting eaten alive.

The facilities were one of the worst parts of the stay, however.  I will preface this by saying I am used to using vault toilets, and generally do not have a problem using them for short periods of time.  But their toilets.. I don't even know how to describe them, as I think even calling them pit toilets is over selling them.  The toilets are located in what are essentially little wooden lean-tos, with no engineering whatever to cut down on the smell.  You could literally smell the out houses from about 30 yards away, and every time I would go to use one it was FILLED with flies.  I have never in my life had that experience using vault or primitive toilets.  They are clearly not cleaned very often either (although hard to tell because, surprise!, the toilets were black in color).  Additionally, They are open on the top and bottom, so you can hear EVERYTHING that goes on in them from pretty far away, and they don't even have hand sanitizer dispensers, which even porta potties have.  Their showers were marginally better - the stalls themselves were fairly clean, and they did have nice hot water.  They ask for 25 cents per shower which is totally fair considering there's no time limit.  But even something as simple as the shower curtains could use improvement - they had the cheapest of the cheap dollar store curtains that cling to everything and don't manage to do much to contain the shower spray.  Overall, their facilities need a huge improvement.

Also, this campground had a huge amount of downed dead wood throughout, which to me is very concerning.  If they had one lightening strike in the area, there could be a very dangerous wild fire that could put a lot of people in harm's way.  In my opinion, they should have a controlled burn in the off season, or let people take the downed wood for fires.

I will say that the amount of privacy between sites is probably the best I've ever experienced at a campground - we could barely see our neighbors.  This was probably the only positive to this campground, in my opinion.  Besides the rangers - they were very friendly and helpful.  Nearby Lubec was a fun town to explore, but the kayaking in the area was a little boring (the same views every place you look, at least when kayaking the coastal area near the state park).  There are tons of hiking trails, however.

I would not stay here again, and neither would my boyfriend.

Decent campground in a lovely area

Overall, this is a nice campground set in a slightly wooded area. It’s fairly close to the ocean, so you can hear waves crashing against the rocky cliffs if it’s quiet enough. The sites are decently spacious, and the campground is generally quiet. Privacy between sites is lacking here - there are some sites that have a little bit of privacy between neighboring sites, and some have none at all.  

As for facilities– there are restrooms in the campground, but no shower houses. The shower house is located in a separate facility about a mile from the campground entrance. A bit inconvenient, but not terrible.. however, I will still never understand why a campground would go to the effort of plumbing in flush toilets and sinks, but not go the extra step and install showers, even cold outdoor ones. (Plus, the showers in the separate facility up the road are expensive.) Also, the restrooms in the campground are on ground level, and the two outer restroom stalls in each men's and women's room have windows in them that don't have privacy glass- someone walking by can see RIGHT in them. So unless you are fine with people potentially seeing you go to the bathroom, there are only 3 stalls available in each building, not 5. It's so weird, and a problem that Blackwoods has as well. 

Final thoughts- I enjoyed my stay here, and would stay here again given the chance! But, the facilities could use improvement.

One of my worst camping experiences

Pros - the campground is lovely to drive through and the sites are fairly nicely design with some privacy between sites (some sites have more some have less).  It's also nice to have access to the multitude of hiking trails and ponds.

Cons - the works.  We stayed around Charge Pond on a Friday and Saturday night, and even though the park has clearly stated quiet hours of 10 pm to 7 am (which includes generators), it was one of the loudest camps I've ever been to.  Several camp neighbors in our loop were up well past 1am loud as hell - talking loudly, screaming and yelling - even their kids!  And one site had their trailer generator running all night - there was absolutely no patrol of this campground at all, which is unacceptable on weekends in my opinion.  This place attracts some really awful people - there were several spots of vomit in the road Saturday morning, and on Sunday morning a neighbor could be heard at 6 am puking his guts out in surround-sound.  That plus the general noisiness, disrespect of other campers, and lack of patrol would keep me away alone, but the state of the facilities topped it off.  The women's room in Charge Pond loop A was filthy - it wasn't super outdated, but just not clean at all.  Every surface was absolutely disgusting, they had a 5-gallon plastic bucket to serve as the bathroom trash, and the entire place smelled like urine.  To top it off, when using it Sunday morning every single stall was out of toilet paper, and the whole place had very clearly had not been cleaned since Friday night.  I know campground bathrooms are usually not the best, but this was definitely one of the worst - I've used vault toilets that were cleaner!

I will never stay here again.

Quiet campground and nice amenities

Pros: this campground is fairly quiet (at least when I visited in fall), and has nice amenities including free hot showers.

Cons: they definitely cater to RVs. They have a primitive tent area, but it only has a vault toilet. The bathhouses (with showers and flush toilets) are all located in the loops with full hook up sites; I would expect if you had to choose to put facilities in one area over another, the tent area would make more sense since RVs have their own toilets and showers on board.

Given the chance, I probably wouldn't stay here again unless I was passing through.

Wonderful, private, quiet park and friendly rangers

Pros: this is one of the best campgrounds I've ever visited, and one of the quietest. The sites are decently sized and most have good privacy because of plants left up in between sites. The facilities in this park are also the cleanest and most modern I've ever encountered in a campground, and the hot showers were free!! In addition, the rangers were very friendly and one of them even biked to my site to check on how I liked it (because I was a last minute walk-in). This park also has several trails throughout, and the ones I hiked were absolutely gorgeous, the sandpiper trail in particular.

Cons: the sites have cement picnic tables which are very rough. That's all I could think of, this place was great!

I would definitely stay here again given the chance!

Decent campground, but you'll hear airplanes all day

Pros: the facilities at this campground are nice, and it has free hot showers. There is some privacy between sites, and the camp store is convenient. There is also a short walk or drive to the beach itself, which is a nice beach.

Cons: this campground is right near the airport, so you will hear airplanes all day (and most of the night). Because of that, I wouldn't stay here again unless I was passing through.

Hear the ocean all night - if you can stand the mosquitoes

Pros: this campground has a little more privacy than some of the other Cape Hatteras National Seashore ones. You can hear the ocean all night, and the campground itself is pretty quiet. Showers are free, but water is not heated.

Cons: the amenities are outdated, especially the showers. The mosquitoes are horrible here; in addition to being right by the ocean, the centers of the loops of the campground are grassy fields, and I think that's why there are so many mosquitoes. It was so bad, I couldn't even stay outside to prepare dinner after dark - I had to go into town for a meal.

Given how bad the mosquitoes were, I likely wouldn't stay here again. But it is a very pretty campground.

Camp among the dunes

Pros: You'll hear the ocean waves pretty much all night from all or most sites, and the star viewing is also great here. Showers are free, although they are not heated. I visited in October, and found insects were not really a problem; in another national seashore campground the next night they were, but I think here the lack of grass really helps keep the mosquitoes down. I was able to sit outside at night for a few hours with very few bites. Most areas of the campground have a walk to the beach through the dunes that's less than 1/4 mile long, so you can definitely visit the beach easily while staying here. I was able to hike out to the beach one morning in less than 10 minutes to view the sunrise.

Cons: no real privacy between sites because there are no shade trees. The facilities are pretty outdated, especially the showers. That's it though - I'd camp here again for sure!

Nice for a short visit

Pros: this campground was nice and clean, with decent amenities (including FREE hot showers!). I stayed there on a Saturday, and walked in without a reservation and was able to get a site. They had a few ranger-led events that night that I was able to partake in (a hay ride for a small fee, and a night hike that was free). They were both enjoyable, and everyone that worked there that I encountered was very pleasant.

Cons: the sites are pretty close together with no real trees or privacy in between, at least where I was located. So, I would stay here again for a night if I was passing through, but I wouldn't make this place a 'destination.'

Very pretty and relaxing

Overall, this is a nice campground set in a pine forest. It’s fairly close to the ocean, so you can hear waves crashing against the rocky cliffs if it’s quiet enough. The sites are decently spacious with some privacy between sites, and the campground is generally quiet.

As for facilities – there are restrooms in the campground, but no shower houses. The shower house is located in a separate facility about 1/4 mile from the campground entrance. A bit inconvenient, but not terrible.. however, I will still never understand why a campground would go to the effort of plumbing in flush toilets and sinks, but not go the extra step and install showers, even cold outdoor ones. (Plus, the showers in the separate facility up the road are REALLY expensive - if I remember correctly, they were a minimum 4 bucks!) Also, the restrooms in the campground are on ground level, and the two outer restroom stalls have windows in them that don't have privacy glass - someone walking by can see RIGHT in them. So unless you are fine with people potentially seeing you go to the bathroom, there are only 3 stalls available in each building, not 5. So weird.

Final thoughts - I enjoyed my stay here, and would stay here again given the chance! But, the facilities could use improvement.

Absolutely wonderful and quiet

This is by far one of the best campgrounds I’ve stayed at so far. North of Highland Camping area definitely caters to tent campers – the roads are not big enough for large trailers or RVs, and they have no electric or sewage hookups anywhere in the park. This campground has been owned by the same family since the 1950s.

We arrived around 10 am on a Saturday morning, and even though it was the weekend before July 4th, there were still several sites available for walk-ins (they have more than 250 sites). The desk clerk was one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, and extremely helpful – he walked us through picking the best site available by asking us what our preferences were (did we want to be near the restrooms, close to the beach path, what size tent did we have, etc). He even gave us tips on getting beach fire permits. The price for the site was reasonable for the area.

The campground itself is gorgeous – it’s within the pine barren forest near Head of the Meadow beach, completely surrounded by Cape Cod National Seashore land. All of the sites are shaded, and they are decently sized with picnic tables. There is also a ½ mile walking path that leads directly to Head of the Meadow beach; if you go to the town beach side, walk-ins are free!

There are several restrooms centrally located to the main camping loops, plus one building that houses the coin-op showers, the camp store, a rec hall, and even an adults-only quiet room w/ electronic charging stations. The restrooms were very clean and well maintained, and even had soap and paper towels, which is rare in campgrounds. Each restroom building also had outdoor showers for rinsing off.

The owners are VERY strict on their quiet hours policy (1030pm – 730am), and they are very restrictive on some noises during the day as well – pets, motorcycles, and portable generators are not allowed in this campground at all. This is exactly the kind of camping experience I’m looking for, as I’ve had some bad experiences the last year or so with other campgrounds attracting loud partiers.

Overall, this was one of my favorite camping experiences and I will definitely be back!

Pros: Wonderfully helpful staff, reasonably priced, very quiet and relaxing, clean and well-maintained facilities, great location, beautiful.

Cons: If I had to pick any cons, it would be that the roads throughout the campground are in kind of rough shape and could use more signage (a lot are one-way and sometimes hard to distinguish from campsite parking spots). I had no problem in my SUV, but it might be a little rougher driving on them in a compact car. Also, no fires are allowed in the campground itself due to fire restrictions, but you can easily get beach fire permits to have one on the beach. That’s all I can think of – this campground was great!

Convenient location, not great for tent campers

I would say this campground is definitely better suited for RVers. There are very few tent sites in the park, and it's pretty loud between road noise and generators from the RVs.

Pros: The site we stayed in was pretty large and private. The campground is centrally located, so if you're visiting the area it's a great spot to be in if you'll be going off for day trips all over the area. The bathhouse was fairly decent.

Cons: The prices are a bit steep, even in the off season (we paid 42 bucks a night for the last weekend they were open in fall!). It is not quiet and relaxing either - we could hear car traffic all night over the bridge (a given since it's directly under the canal bridges), but also on route 6.

I wouldn't suggest this as a place to relax and get away into the woods. I would recommend it as a cheap alternative to hotels for visiting the cape. I probably won't be back here.

Nice quiet campground with good scenery

Pros: Reasonably priced, fairly quiet campground that is close enough to Furnace Creek w/out being in the thick of it. Great scenery surrounding the campground. Modern toilet/sink facilities and potable water.

Cons: Weird site designs - the site boundaries are not clear, so I had no idea which picnic table or fire ring belonged to my site or my neighbors because they seemed to be situated right on the edge of some of the sites. Almost no shade (which is a given), and the campground is very dusty covered in sharp edged cobbles. This is obviously not something they can control, but you'll want to keep it in mind if tent camping - definitely bring 1 if not 2 heavy duty tarps for under any tents, and I would recommend a canopy or awning of some kind. The oddest thing to me, however, is why they would go to the trouble of installing flush toilets and sinks, but not go one extra step and have showers. Even cold-water only coin-op showers would be awesome, and much appreciated at the end of a hot day hiking!

Given all of the above, however, I'd probably choose to camp here again if I was in the park. :)

Gorgeous scenery, outdated facilities

Pros: Nicely designed tent sites, plus flush toilets and (free!) showers. Absolutely gorgeous views of Kaweah Lake in the foothills of Sequoia NP. Convenient location also, as it is on the road into Sequoia; it takes about an hour to get from the campground to the park entrance. I think this campground is also a nice alternative to staying in Sequoia; it didn't seem bears were at all a concern here, while they are in the park. It was a nice alternative to tent camping alone in an area bears frequent.

Cons: Outdated facilities - the toilet/shower house was in rough shape and not really clean. There was also a steep hill to walk up to the bathhouse that had been partially washed out, so somewhat of a hazard. Additionally, one of my nights there I got no sleep whatsoever because there was a group of young guys partying all night. And it was the works - loud music, yelling, swearing, vulgar language, and because the campground is pretty open and in a valley, it echoed throughout the entire campground. Definitely one of the downsides of 'unstaffed' campgrounds that only have a host on site; these guys were breaking every apparent campground regulation and were allowed to do so. I would say one other weird thing about this campground is that they have signs that say they close the gates after 9 pm, and their exit has tire spike strips! One night I went into the nearest town for dinner, but I was stressed about getting back by 9 pm. It's probably the first campground I've ever encountered that, and it's really weird.

I'm torn on whether I'd stay here again.. maybe, if there weren't any other campgrounds in the area.

Gorgeous scenery and quiet, SUPER windy

Pros: very quiet campground, with sites that are some distance apart. Absolutely breathtaking scenery - this campground is in the valley between hills and the undeveloped land around the campsites is covered in an amazing variety of cacti. The cost is also reasonable at $12/night. The tent sites are nicely designed with a large tent pad, a picnic table, and fire ring. The visitors' center is very close up the road, and they have flush toilets and water, as well as a very small gift shop, but not really anything else.

Cons: The only way to get to the campground is driving for about a 1-2 hours on unpaved roads, which are rough in some spots. Once you get there, there are only pit toilets and no sinks or showers. There is usually potable water in the campground, but that was also unavailable during my visit because of drought conditions (however that info was easily found on the website and I was prepared for that). But by far the worst thing about this campground was the wind. It was breezy all day, which was fine, but at about 9 or 10 pm at night the winds picked up to about 30-40 mph sustained through the whole night, with gusts of ~50 mph. It definitely caught myself off guard, and by the looks of the remaining tents the next morning it caught a lot of other campers off guard also.

If the conditions are like that most of the time (possible since it's in a valley?), I wouldn't tent camp there again because it wasn't relaxing at all. But if that was a fluke or I had an RV, I would consider another stay there. There were a lot of ORVs in the area, and I think anyone who enjoys doing that would love this campground.

Nice campground with great lake view

Pros: Boulder Beach was a reasonably priced and decently quiet campground with a wonderful view of Lake Mead. Most if not all of the sites had shade trees, which was also a plus. The campground had flush toilets, sinks, and potable water.

Cons: No showers. I will never quite understand why a facility would choose to go to the effort of having flush toilets and sinks, but not go one extra step and install showers (even coin-op ones for revenue!). The only other con I can think of is that the boundaries between campsites were not quite clear? In the loop where my site was located, each site had a tent pad but there was no rhyme or reason as to where they were located. Basically, every site was designed differently, so I had no idea if I was in my neighbors site or not. It ended up working out, but i could see that being an issue if you have a grumpy neighbor.

But at the end of the day, I'd stay here again if I was in the area!

Fair price, but not a great campground

Pros: For the area, I found the price to be very fair. The tent sites are also designed nicely, and this campground does have showers.

Cons: The name is somewhat misleading; Dunes' Edge is right on route 6, so I heard highway traffic ALL night - it was not a relaxing camping experience at all. This campground also has one of the weirdest bathhouse designs I've ever encountered. There are separate shower/sink houses for men and women, but the toilets stalls are unisex and located on the OUTSIDE of the building, and the walls of them are not solid! I feel bad for anyone who has a campsite near the toilets, because you can literally hear every gory detail of whatever is going on in them since they're not located inside a building. Plus, you have to leave the toilet stalls and open the shower house door to go wash your hands, which is way more unsanitary than it needs to be.

I wouldn't choose to stay here again.

Wooded campground with nice amenities

I enjoyed my stay at this campground. There are both RV and tent sites, and most of the tent sites are set back in the farthest part of the campground where it's very wooded and quiet. The bath/shower houses were some of the nicest I've ever encountered at a campground, and they even had laundry facilities which were a real bonus after being on the road almost 2 weeks. There are also lots of other amenities as well (a pool, playground, basketball and horseshoe courts, and some pavilions). The campground itself is fairly close to the local monuments and attractions (like Jewel Cave, Mt Rushmore, and Crazy Horse) and downtown Rapid City, and only about an hour from Wall, SD.

If I could come up with one "con", it would be that the picnic tables they have are built on tubular metal bases with uncapped ends. Basically it means that the bases are PERFECT homes for hornet nests.. the picnic table on my site had a nest in it which rendered it pretty unusable. Otherwise, that's it! I enjoyed my stay here.