Anthony S.
Torrance, CA
Joined October 2019
Quiet and Serene

This campground is on the way up to The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest and White Mountain. It is nestled back in a quiet little enclave that is easy to drive past if you are not looking. 

  It's quiet and peaceful here. And it is about 8,000 above sea level. So, in the summer, it gets hot in the day and cooler at night. 

  There aren't many amenities here. Just some stone toilets, but, no showers , and not places to purchase food, or water. 

  Take what you need with you. Enjoy the serenity and the beautiful nighttime sky. Without all of the " light pollution", you can see the stars and wonder at the universe around you.

Quiet and Close By

Whenever I need to get away from LALA Land, I head up here.  I grew up in the mountains of western Pennsylvania, so , sometimes , I need to kick back and recharge. Sort of going back to factory settings, as it were. 

  There are lots of cool spots up here and plenty of quiet.  Whether you like to hike, or fish or just kick back, this is a nice little hidey hole to do it in. There is a small , 2 acre lake that is occasionaly  stocked with fish. Not so often during drought, though.

  There are few amenities , such as no showers no close by stores, or other distractions. There is a small concessionaire store near the Ranger outpost.  It may or may not be open, depending on the fire danger and the time of year.  Take your own food, water and anything else you need to regain your sanity and go up here.

  Don't forget your bear canister for your food. There are bears and other wildlife that live up here year round. 

  Enjoy the peace and quiet and reclaim your soul.