Beautiful Campground with a Lovely Historic Stone Building

I have camped here as part of a medieval reenactment group. The park is clean and a great place for a group event. I have also been to Bertha Brock for a wedding and the park made for a special event.

Peaceful, isolated

The only way to reach South Manitou Island is to take a ferry over to the island. You must pack in anything you will need and pack out all of your trash. I love to go camping for extended periods of time. My four year old son and I took the ferry to South Manitou Island and had planned to stay for a few days. We had numerous people gift us food they had packed over to the island and did not want to pack out. We ended up extending our trip by a couple days. There are numerous fun day hikes to do on the island. You can hike to see the wreck of the Corazon, the cedar forest or the old homestead farms. We ate sweet plums that were ripe from one of the old trees on one of the farms. We camped at the Weather Station Campground and swam daily.

Stay in the part of the campground near the channel!

I grew up in Muskegon. We spent our summers at the beach. The beach at the Muskegon State Park is beautiful white sugar sand. The part of the park closest to the channel tends to be quieter because there aren't the big RVs camped there. And it is closer to the beach, which is definite plus.

Great County Campground

I have camped here many times over my lifetime. It is a great family campground, close to Lake Michigan and within driving distance to North Muskegon and Whitehall. Lovely camping in the pines within walking distance to Lake Michigan.

Wonderful, Clean Campground

My daughter and I stayed at Hartwick Pines on our way north to Blissfest. The campground was very clean. The shower room was very clean and well organized. The site we camped on was a little small but it served our needs.

Rustic Campground was Noisy and the Campground was Unorganized

My youngest son and I went camping here June 2017. When we arrived after 5pm a tent was set up on our reserved site. We went to the park staff office and explained the situation. They took my phone number and told us to go somewhere for an hour or so (?!?) while they tried to get a hold of the owners of the tent. We went for dinner. Around 7 pm we received a call saying that we could pitch our tent on the site. The rustic portion of the campground runs alongside a stretch of trees and on the other side of the trees is a highway. The traffic could be heard all evening from our site. We camped here just so we could go into Chicago to the museums, but this was very disappointing. We did have a fire and roasted marshmallows.

Clean and Great Campground for Family Camping

I was at this campground back in 2005 and was struck by how dirty the campground was. I took chance and returned to this campground in 2016 and 2017. The campground had been privatized and the new service was much better. The campground was clean. The pit toilets were clean (as clean as pit toilets can be). The grounds were neat and in order. This is beautiful campground with a wonderful beach within walking distance of the sites. The lovely Victorian town of Manistee is about 15 minutes drive away. My children loved hanging their hammocks in the abundant trees.

Great Place for a Family Camping Trip

I have been to D.H. Day repeatedly over the years. It is one of my favorite campgrounds on the planet. All the sites are close to the beach. The campground is a great base to explore the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National park. The campground is close to Glen Arbor where you can get a decent dinner.

Good Base to Explore

We camped in Yellowstone at the Norris Campground during the summer of 2011. It was at the end of a long trip for us. We used our camp as a base to explore Yellowstone National Park. In our experience, the fire wood was somewhat expensive. The park itself was amazing. Lots of waterfalls and rivers. Wonderful spots to sit. We had a bison walk alongside our car and I was reminded on the elephants I saw at Addo Elephant Park in South Africa. One morning we had deer run through our campsite. It was very disappointing to watch a mother bear and her cub being chased by tourists, whose cars were lined up for almost a mile around a meadow. Old Faithful was faithful as ever. Yellowstone is so huge, I recommend finding the back country parts and having as little impact on the park as possible.

Mysterious and Wet

Be prepared. Kalaloch is beautiful. In the morning there is a mist that comes in from the Pacific and shrouds the rocks strewn about the beach in mystery. We figured that if we were camping in July near the Pacific the water would be warm, it was not. My children enjoyed playing near the water's edge and building sand castles. We hiked on the beach. We visited Forks. We explored the rainforest. Everything in our camp became damp over the week. We got lucky when we went to Seattle that we had a span of several dry days and we dried out our ground cloth, tent and rain fly.