Anne P.
Pittsburgh, PA
Joined July 2018
beautiful falls trail!

the hike is definitely not for the easily winded people, or anyone with bad knees, the hike down was pretty steep at some points but very well maintained! and the hike back up was again steep but maintained! and you got different falls to look at both ways, I believe there are around 17 waterfalls there? all very beautiful. would definitely recommend! if you can’t get a campsite here though because it books up fast I’d suggest worlds end state park, 20 min away! you can check out my review for that one as well :)

awesome stargazing

not the best camping area personally, we ended up staying at Lyman run state park for camping last time we went which is about a 20 min drive to cherry springs which worked out great! (check out my review and photos of there) but cherry springs really was worth it and if absolutely go again. absolutely beautiful! I went in October so I wish I brought more layers! definitely chilly without any tree coverage! definitely a must see!

So much to do!

I’m a tent camper and a hiker, but my family and I even spent some time at the lake and rented a paddle board and a water bike which was so much fun! we also did some kayaking as well as driving to different hiking paths around the area. we did a “walking tour” that had TERRIBLE directions but we had a blast anyway 😂 they probably need to update that but I wouldn’t discredit them if they didnt. campsites were more open and pretty standard, bathrooms were a little lack luster but I enjoyed every second!


went here in October, so maybe that’s why I loved it so much, perfect weather. fun areas to hike around, beautiful, wildlife everywhere. if I remeber correctly the bathrooms had heat which was SO nice when it was cold at night/in the morning. very close to cherry spring which is the national dark park for star watching. We just kept an eye on the sky through the night and when it looked clear we’d pack up quick and head over to the cherry springs Look out area about 15-20 min away. would definitely reccomed

great camp area with good access

loved camping here! close to Ricketts Glenn which gets booked up quick in the summer so easy to make a day trip to see the falls, nice little campsites, was able to pick one a little more secluded with trees around and the “tent” area had a nice flat spot with a pile of compacted wood chips so we didn’t have to deal with sleeping on any rocks or avoiding roots! the campground itself is on the smaller side but has a few hiking paths, and a driving path, up to the lookout! very beautiful, was really happy we found this place after the realization kicked in that we had waiting too long to get a site at Ricketts Glenn 😂 but it’s probably for the better! we got to have a little more privacy, and still took a trip to hike the falls!