Roaring Waters From All Directions

This Campground is really unique and beautiful with a good variety of natural settings for both tent and RV sites. If you look through my pictures you will see that almost every RV site is on a roaring creek as are the tent sites, and there are cabins on site as well. This would be an excellent site for a multi family gathering where some want cabins, some want RVs and some want tents. There are 4 waterfalls on the property, 2 of which are pretty solid hikes to get to. One is 200 ft tall and the other is 400 ft tall and it's Trail takes you to the AT, just 1.5 miles away. Another amazing little secret about this place is it is about 2 miles from Chatahoochee Spring, which is on the AT and the actual origin of the Chatahoochee River. The place is currently run by Dr. Fried, a former chiropractor and is sort of in transition to new owners/ caretakers.

The motel rooms appear to not be currently functional due to flooding this past winter. The owner is trying to bring the property back up to speed after a rough winter of flooding and tornadoes that passed over the property. There are new staff on bars for the season. One staff member has hiked the entire AT twice, the last time at age 70! With a side trail off the AT of about 1.5 miles, this would be a nice resupply site for thru hikers. The air there feels good and you know you are tucked in a true mountain hollow with streams and waterfalls roaring on either side. The prices reflect more of a "glamping" experience but the natural camping experience there is worth the visit.

Camp along Noontootla Creek

This is a nice flat section of the Appalachian Trail that can be accessed by forest road and offers an easy 1 mile hike in the the falls. Campsites are dispersed in the area along the creek and often have remnants of thru hikers coming down from Springer Mountain in the first days of their hike to Maine. The falls are amazing with lots of access points that include campsites

Game day camping

This is a popular RV campground for football fans coming to Auburn Games in the fall. There is very little shade and it is on a busy highway but up off the road a bit. Football fans are notoriously rowdy but this is a more civilized group. Close to the interstate and across the road from Chewakla State Park

Upscale RV campground

This is a members only RV park with nice big and roomy RV sites with good amenities. The park is super close to Unicoi State Park and a good option if you are looking for a little extra nice RV experience than what Unicoi offers.

First to Review
Pool and Playground

This is a mixed Rv and tent campground that also has long term residents. There is a pool, clubhouse, and playground. The tent sites are separate from the RVs down by a pond and small creek. The tent sites have grills and bathrooms but are a little close to the road and not very shaded for my taste. The RV area smelled of sewage the day I was there in mid summer but I have. When other times of the year when Thai is not a problem.

The naked truth

This river trail is the best in the state. Clear water, lovely pools. Expect nudity as it is Northern California. The river is beloved by kayakers and swimmers. Perfect snow melt means August is the prime time.

Best beach sites

Camp on the edge of the earth. The beach is usually foggy and the sand dark. It has a sort of Edgar Allen Poe Raven feel to it but you can burn fires on the beach. The scenery is amazing with beach and farmland scenes on your way in. Definitely worth a stop if you want an alternative to the state parks.

Good family destination

i stayed in a pop up camper among RVs here for serveral days as a family and there are a ton of activities for families. The biggest draw for us was the water park right on the lake which gets bigger every year. You can also put in your own boat or rent one. The campground has that community feel with gatherings and activities. Very good showers and restrooms.

Accessible caverns

If you are looking for a Cave experience in Norh Alabama that little kids can handle, this is it. Yes, it may be a little too tame for some and there is a small fee but it beats having to climb out of a hole with a petrified Pre schooler on your back.


This is one of the few state parks in Georgia with yurts and also has a great flat biking trail. The lake allows for kayaking and boating and some yurts are actually right on the lake. A good glamping destination.


This is one of the few state parks in Georgia that offers yurts and the price is reasonable, making this a neat cool weather camping destination if glamping is more your style. Breath taking views that sort of make you wonder if you are still in Georgia.

Climb and camp

This is a good climbing spot but sort of out of the way to get to. As a result, you see more local in state visitors vs out of staters looking to hit Yosemite. If the campground is full you can access the coast in a little over an hour for potentially better options scenery wise.

Hot springs near visitor center

Just a short hike from the visitor's center are a series of hot springs. The first spring is really just a trickle and can only be found by touch moving through the stream. I was able to set up a tent on the creek and dig down in the sand to find the hot water and then covered myself to get the geothermal properties. Not a traditional hot spring soak but a memorable experience. The next morning I could find the hot spring seam by the steam coming off the creek and did the same thing while watching coyotes traverse the canyon.

Best of everthing

This spot has the coast and desolate beaches as well as the magnificent fern canyon trail that takes you into a wonderland of green and inlet streams. I only wish I had stayed here longer.

Great spot on a river

This campground has lush green trees, a flowing rice and the good smells of a campground. It is pet friendly and has a good system of paths through the campsites but still affords privacy.


While this is a lovely place to visit during the day, at night the winds coming in off of the Pacific can be pretty harsh even in the middle of summer. Sleeping here in July was the coldest camping I have ever done that's not in winter.

Great hike into the wilderness

This is a great 1 mile hike into the wilderness to see three rivers come together to form the upper chatooga river. The campsite next to the falls is not very level with drop off in either direction. It is good 2-3 adults. Not great for little kids. The falls are amazing and there are nice overhangs in the rocks where the river comes together.

Great hike to the top

This is very close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and close to Charlottesville and Staunton. The falls are a great hike and there are lots of services nearby. A great Parkway stop.

Stay in campground

If you are camping here to save money it is a good choice. The town itself is infectiously touristy. LIke Money flies out of your pocket touristy- everything is jacked up. Buy groceries and beer on the way.

Hike there but don't stay

It is not advised to p at the top of blood mountain. It's an amazing hike to the top but once there it can get very windy at night and the shelter has nice and other critters. There are a few good primitive spots down the other side of the mountain if you are hiking the AT.