Ann E.
Chicago, IL
Joined September 2018
Quiet and spacious

Only a few shelters and we got the last one on Tuesday afternoon we arrived.

The shelters are similar to the other ones on the island.

There are outhouses but no potable water nor cell reception.

There were a few people who docked their fishing boat and ate here.

Quiet and Scenic

We could see the water from all shelters, But in 1 the shelter isn't as exposed as there are trees at the shoreline to block the wind.

There are outhouses, but no potable water at the site.

Gorgeous, Established, and has Shelters

Stayed in a shelter (there are 9) - they are no additional cost. There was one open when we got in on a Saturday afternoon in late June. 

It is the most established campground we stayed at. It had pottable water on tap. It had a ranger station and a small store.

Quiet and pretty if you walk 1 min away from the campsites

Two general areas to camp - one in a more open setting with more sun, and one in a shaded area that has a pinch more privacy. We stayed in the latter. Unfortunately, there were no sites right by the river.

FYI - Put your car in low gear going down into the canyon. I had a jeep and didn't and I could smell the pungent smell of my brakes burning up.

Apparently, there is good fly fishing by the campsite too.

Very busy but trees give privacy

Compared to other IL campsites, this one is prettier, but versus places I've been in WI or CO, this doesn't have as pretty scenery.

It is well maintained. There are some sites with no privacy, but if you get one in the treed area you will have some. My site could see are neighbor pretty easily but we set up our tent to block the opening in the trees.

P.S. raccoons are very used to humans and came up to us looking for food.

Nothing crazy special, well kept sites

I was there on a Monday and was the only tent around. Site 15 is the best for tent sites, it’s right at the delta of where two streams meet. It’s a quick bike ride to pulpit rock brewing and other parks.

Large campground that is well maintained

There are three loops. The middle one seems to have the most privacy, the biggest one is very open but you are closest to the lake.

Was there in September and it was in the 80s during the day and got to the 30s at night. Prepare yourself for that!

The lake is gorgeous and not very busy.

Leadville is nearby with some good coffee shops, restaurants, and fun nightlife.

Hard to get to, yet peaceful and quiet

Pretty, quiet, smaller campground. I was on site 5 and could hear a stream ~100ft away and see the lake on the other side of me.

Came on a Friday around 3pm and got a site. Apparently we got lucky. There were a few neighbors who let us know since they have been there at least a week. There were people who were camping off the side of the road in that looked very secluded and private.

You’ll lose internet connection about an hour before getting there. Make sure to get gas for your car too, it’s pretty rare to find substantial towns on the way in.

Well taken care of, get a campsite by the water.

I'd suggest buying wood in town.

The poles sticking out of the ground were there to hang up old-school latterns back in the day.

It gets COLD at night in October even if it's warm during the day.

Very well taken care of, yet not super outdoorsy feeling due to location

The main building has a little of everything you need - from camping supplies to s'more making supplies. The tent camping sites are kind of close to one another, but you get your picnic table and fire ring.