Anjuli W.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Joined May 2017
Water wonderland

Awesome location for birds and wildlife. I've stopped here a few times heading across Florida camping etc. nearby town makes supplying easy.

Great Everglades Base

A few mosquitos and rain though an ideal spot for Everglades immersion. I'm a winter camper here and won't come in the summer as I prefer less bugs and cooler manageable temps. Decent facilities and plenty to see and do.

Camping and caverns!

Really enjoyed getting into this Florida gem and enjoying surrounds. Great place for a stopover in this area of Florida. Even a little rain didn't stop the fun.

Amenities and near Miami

I'm a tent camper and loved this area. Overall great value with a swimming pool and washer/dryers. Grounds mostly quiet with expected weekenders. Miami Zoo and groceries nearby and great location. Tent sites in open field setup with trees.

Interior Florida open landscapes

Different from other areas of Florida the Prairie area is open and vast. I found it quiet, and enjoyable place to be alone with my thoughts and hiking. I was met with groups of wild turkeys and other animals and enjoyed peaceful wondering. Great set up for this tent camper and would love to go back again.

Free diving and paddling mischief

I came to this area knowing about the limestone sinkholes for free diving under the river. Which disclaimer, should only be attempted by experienced divers very comfortable under the water. There's one main one that's good for average divers though people have died here so don't go trying things above your level as conditions change and blocked tube you won't get out of. You are going to however get an amazing paddle both directions up the river from the main rental site. Make sure you time your paddle to be at higher water levels so that you can make it into the beautiful underwater canyon. An underwater camera will really help you here. Easy camping, manatees and really enjoyed it and would go back.

Great for tents & RVs w fun surprises

Really had a fantastic time at this campground, I'm typically a tent camper and had great facilities. The cost of camping in Florida isn't cheap though this one actually had the value in it given that you could also rent boats and paddle up river alongside manatees to the wild man encampment. Amazing hiking nearby, the tower to check out, even a little mini museum with reptiles. I enjoyed it so much I would go back.