Angie W.

Lancaster, PA

Joined May 2018

Travel for work and take the opportunity to camp and hike everywhere I go!

Great Campground!

I loved this campground! it feels like you are staying in the middle of the lava beds. it has easy checkin if you arrive after hours, reservations are not required and you can pay on site any hour of the day or night! It is clean and quiet. The facilities are well kept up. The Ranger station and visitor center are nearby. the campground is at the start of the drive through the Monument. It is open so you can do stargazing without difficulty! it was wonderful!

Mendenhall Campground- Wonderful!

It was a wonderful campground! Right on the lake overlooking the Mendenhall Glacier. The bugs are manageable. the campground is clean and well organized. you have to reserve before you arrive, cannot pay when you get there. The bathrooms are clean and well interspersed. There are showers with hot water. There is a section for tent camping, RV camping, and backpack camping. The campground itself is located near tons of hiking trails, kayaking/rafting opportinities, and the Glacier viewing center is nearby. We loved it!

Badlands, the first campground you see.

Be prepared for any type of weather if you go before May. We got a windstorm, rainstorm, and snowstorm all in a 24 hour period. It was worth every minute though. It is at the start of the badlands and in the morning the sun rises and opens up the most spectacular views! At night the stars are stunning to look at (when it’s clear). We woke up one morning just before sunrise and drove to one of the higher parts of camp to watch the sunrise, simply amazing! Early morning was also the best time to see wildlife too! I had heard it wasn’t uncommon for campers to wake up with bison or deer lumbering around their tents, we didn’t see that but it sounds like a great experience. Beware of snakes! Lots of places for them to hide. The facilities at the campground were good, just bathrooms hat we could find.