Andy S.
Middleton, ID
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I'm just a dude who would rather be outside. I like to explore/camp/hike and take pretty pictures. Navy veteran. Scout for hire at for the Idaho/Oregon areas. If it's not dispersed it's not campin' ;)
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High Desert At It's Finest

Pulled off here after driving all the way to Indian Creek before realizing the River Road doesn't go all the way through. Its a nice little spot on the river, very secluded to the point where you cant see your fire from the road (we checked). Decent amount of shade for the desert, but from about 1pm-3pm you're going to have to make your own shade, it gets super hot during the summer. Definitely bring your own wood, everything around the area is either too green or too small to have any sort of decent fire. Camp now has a nice little trail to the river, plenty of fish in the area. Great little dispersed site for a desert getaway. Please pick up your trash if you do use the site!

Not bad if you don't mind the highway

My wife and I lived here in an old RV for a year while we were working in the area. It's a pretty clean place, mostly residents but there were usually a few open RV sites as well as a few tent spaces. It is right on the highway, from our spot I could've thrown a rock and hit traffic on the I-84. The owners are nice and live on-site. They have a little gift shop that also has a salon in it. Not a bad place, not a great place, but good for what we needed it for.

Beautiful Place!

My wife and I attempted to drive a 1977 motor home over Steven's Pass, and ended up stranded here for almost a month while it was repaired. Best place I've ever broken down by far. It is SO gorgeous here, especially for being within walking distance to groceries and such. So many days waking up with wildlife in our space. They have quite a few well maintained trails in the area for hiking and exploring, and then of course there's the river down toward the bottom of the camp. I would live here if they'd let me :)

Jerome KOA

I've gone to this KOA so many times I've lost count. It's pretty average for a KOA; tent sites, RV, activities depending on the time of year. Lot's of great childhood memories on the paddle boats. It's not actually in town, its on the outskirts off the highway so you do get some traffic noise but nowhere near some of the others I've been to (lookin at you Rock Springs WY). Good place if you're stopping for the night, but if you want a real campsite pass on it as there are quite a few in the area.

Good little place

Firstly, dont follow your gps to the coordinates given here, if you follow it to the point on google maps you'll end up at one of the highest points in that valley (and you'll see my newly made "night one" site. If you want the site in the pictures, which was fairly quiet other than a few people checking if it was open, take the first right after the bridge and follow the trail down. Lots of trails, more people near the river but if you're into desert camping and want seclusion you'll want to get into the hills (towards google maps point) but hang a right at the top of the trail. Overall, pretty great place to getaway.