Boondocks H.

Medford, OR

Joined August 2018

So you got skunked in the park campgrounds

You may as well stay close, right? Well… Whip out your wallet and empty on it on the check-in desk of this thousand trails (or whatever) park. For the price of the presidential penthouse suite at the top of the Reno Nugget, I was granted access to a dusty, undefined pad of petrified dirt on the outskirts of this RV and yurt focused campground on which to erect my elaborate two-pole tent. It was a little noisy and occupied by an effervescent mixture of post-millenial biker kids and scowling unibrow backpack bros in Arctic-ready shelters.

Here's the thing: the staff was super friendly, the store was well stocked, and where the holy everloving fuckelse was I gonna go? From tent teardown to nat'l park access was probably all of 15 minutes. Equally 100% bilked and satisfied - aka "thank you sir, may I have another!?"

Go for it

Simple to reserve/access campground near Northwest entrance of Lassen. Whole deal was easy enough to be combination somewhere between "vaguely memorable" and "appreciably easy." Fully unobtrusive experience. Racoons (er sumthin weird) kept me company a fair portion of the eve. No bother.

Oh right. Pictures. Fogot.

Ok - Pretty great spot. Breezed in, set up on the tent only loop, and enjoyed the rest of the night. Twenty five buckeroo seems to be the going rate and I've certainly spent more on less.

Flushie toilets, bear lockers, easy access to Reno/Tahoe.

Freeway noise noticeable, but not objectionable if you're a city baby like me.

It was pretty dark when I got in...

So I can only say I'm fairly certain this is where I was. Nice, right? Well it was either this one or cabin creek or something about a Beaver. Whaddaya gonna do?

Got aced at all the campgrounds at Jellystone so joined a caravan of other desperate souls seeking somewhere to rest. This one had openings and I enthusiastically snagged one.

The camp host was up & helping folks get situated so that seemed good. I didn't get eaten by a bear - double bonus! In the morning, I stopped by the lake nearby and took the pic associated w/my review. It's not at the campground - but same general area.

A-ok, family oriented

Quick note to backup other reviews. This place is worth a stop and folks seem to know it. Occupancy appeared near capacity for our visit. Would stay again - preferably when there is live music in the dome.

RV Focused, clean, 'good freeway access' *wink wink*

Breezed in on Labor Day weekend so I just hafta start by saying how grateful I was to find anything.

This place is clean, folks were friendly, etc. All good stuff. I'd say it's primarily for the RV/Family crowd, but there were other car/motorcycle campers there, too. There's a little store and a nice community camp fire.

My site was along the "creek" which was a VERY lazy body of water in the late summer. It didn't seem to be moving much at all. Across this magestic stream, traffic flowed freely down I-90 all night long. Something of a Freightliner Lullaby…

I think this place is just great as long as you think through its proximity to the freeway, etc. It definitely made for a quick coffee run into CDA in the AM.

Unremarkable - but no problems

Stayed one quick night in the "Tent Village" where each site gets a pie shaped section of an octogon. Everything was fine. Very ok. Amazingly alright.

The location was a bit funky - had to take a spur street then drive through a trailer park to reach the KOA proper. No big deal, just left me wondering if I came in the back way or something.

Close to town, clean; I'd stay again, but I'd scope other options first.

Pitched a Tent

Selected a great site w/o advanced registration - right on the Snake River. The staff was super nice, everything seemed adequate and clean. The upper area w/RVs and Cabins looked a little crowded, but the tent sites were tucked away. Really had a nice stay - our neighbors had SUPER whiny babies, but hey man… that's KOA sometimes. The river drowned out any other noises.

Recommended. RV/Boat Focused, but good tent sites.

Strolled in on a Thursday eve and got a tent site w/o issue. Amenities as listed are accurate: flush toilets, drinking water, no showers. Water level in reservoir was very low (early-Sept.) We had no mosquitos - mega bonus.