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Andrea R.
Spokane , WA
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Grew up camping in the West side of the country. My favorite places are Yosemite and Olympic national forest
Another great campground on Lake Roosevelt

All of the Lake Roosevelt campgrounds have such great history and scenery. The Columbia River lake area has so much history of Kettle falls. In the spring the levels of the lake are low and you can take several walking tours of the ruins. This is a quiet campground with not a ton of lake views in the spring. The water level is too low. I'm sure it's great in the summer. In the off season it is only $9 a night and the campgrounds are empty. I'm sure they are busy in the summer season when it goes up to $18 a night. The bathrooms have been clean each time I go.

I was not impressed

Maybe the reason I was not impressed was this was my last night camping on a 10 day vacation, and we stopped here, just because we didn't want to go home. The camp sites were small. Lots of Ada sites, nice hiking trail, bathrooms were well kept, there are coin showers. The water in this part was very red and did not look healthy. We spoke with a park ranger, who seemed to know nothing about the algae blooms, nor did he seem to care. Told us not to worry about it. Well I worried a little. We didn't eat anything we caught. We left to go get some dinner and when we got back we had a woman as a neighbor in the next campsite, who told us that she was about to steal our stuff

Small and tight

It was empty when we went, the sites are very close together, and not private. There is a great waterfall that is accessible by boat only when the water levels are higher in the summer. In spring the lake is low for flood control. Only $9 a night in off season and $18 in the summer.


There is a train very close to the campground! It didn't bother us, but some might find that useful. We stayed 1 night here. It was pretty nice. Easy walking access to the beach/trails. cool mural tunnel.

Stunning. Breathtaking.

This is my favorite campground ever! We went late August 2018 and the lake was gorgeous! The campground is on the lake, beautiful views. Parking is difficult in some sites for trailers, due to being on a hill. The host was awesome, the creek that runs behind the host site leads to the lake. Bathrooms were clean. You are camping in a rainforest! Campground is on Southshore rd, I HIGHLY recommend taking the slow dirt Rd on Northshore Rd. Such gorgeous views, I saw a bear, maybe 2.

Very quiet in the off season.

We had a campground all to ourselves in early April. It is full of birds and waterfowl. Rocky cliff side down to the lake. In April the water levels are low for flood control. Beautiful sunsets, the site's are large and the road is good.

There are large sites for trucks, trailers. Tent camping is nice in the upper loop, but nothe a lot of shade in the lower loop. $9 in off season and $18 in peak.

Bathrooms were clean and had toilet paper. The walking tour at this campground is also nice. Full of history.

Clean and quiet in off season.

I have visited this campground last summer, it was pretty full, but they have access to a great little marina area. I camped there 2 weeks ago and it was very clean and quiet. Only a few other campers. We had a great view of the lake. In the off season there was no accessible water, there are bathrooms for sumner, but vaults in off season. Only $9 a night in off season. $18 in the regular season.

Great boat launch. House boats and boats available for rent in the summer, there is a marina store available with food and snacks as well.

New tables, fire grates on all the pits. There is also an ampitheater where they do events and lectures.

There used to be a town where the lake is. There is a great walking tour with signs.