Andrea P.

Austin, TX

Joined June 2019

Absolutely amazing.

A go to spot for swimming. They have both a pool and the prong that you can swim in, along with an awesome waterfall and a jump off point from a cliff. Very family friendly.

They also have this amazing garden that is like an oasis’s. So many statues and hammocks, a perfect place to relax and have a meal at.

Free beach getaway

You get what you pay for, but it’s still not bad. I would definitely come again. Flat packed sand makes it easy to drive any type of vehicle on the beach. There are no fees for driving on the beach, and no fees to camp over night.

It’s tricky to find because there are only two access roads and you have to drive one way on the beach, so don’t miss the small sign that says free beach access road. There is not much info on the county website either on the address just a “general idea” on how to get here. But if you are down for a little driving adventure to find it, it’s pretty chill.

There are porta potties every couple hundred feet and trash cans every few feet. So there are plenty of trash cans but the beach is a bit dirty.

Pets allowed, on leash. I brought my small dog Yoshi with me in this camping trip.

I have Verizon and have 3 bars LTE.

You can have small fires on the beach but only if there isn’t a burn ban, which right now I’m pretty there is so I didn’t bring anything with me.

Nice surprise is that there is an ice cream truck that goes by every now and then. Some people may not like it, but I think it’s nice.

Nice park for beginners

Has water activities suck has kayak rentals and canoes. I personally didn’t rent anything didn’t do anything in the water as the time of year Emmy group went, the water was very cold.

Hiking up to their peak was very nice and not too crazy difficult as well. Good place for a family trip.

Life changing. NP not SP.

The views here will change your life. Personally stayed at the Chiso Mountains campground think it’s the most scenic of the two campgrounds they have. The other campground has the store and I believe showers.

Best time to go is when the season just starts in my opinion which is fall early winter. Especially if you stay in the mountains campground. It’s cool/cold at night and hit during the day.

The hot spring is a must. The road to the trail is quite scary if you have anything bigger than a standard car. Your up against a wall on one side and a drop off of 20 feet on the other.

If you really want to test your endurance, the lost mine trail goes up a mountain. Well worth the treck. Take your time and you will get to the top.

If your over camping in tents and RVs, they also have a lodge in the Chiso Mountains, about a two minute drive from the campground. It has a restaurant as well as a gift shop.

There is only one gas station there so expect high prices.

Terlingua is the closest town and my group had dinner, and checked out the ghost town.

Please not, skunks are not afraid of you and they will check out your campsite whether you like it or not.

One of my top camping spots I have been to

Cave exploring. Nothing else needs to be said. So much fun. Over came fear of daddy long legs, and little creepy crawlers.

No showers here, so be prepared. Awesome hiking trails.

Water activities were awesome due to the summer heat.

First 20 minutes at this park we had deer walking through our camp site.

Love this place.

Awesome when the falls have water

When it hasn’t been raining in Austin, the best part of this park, it’s name sake, isn’t on display. But still a freaking amazing place to camp in nature, but still be in city limits! Its crazy, but you can hike during the day and catch a movie at night (what a friend and I personally did). Nice trails. Definitely a place you have to try.

Best hiking in Bastrop area, hands down.

Like the title says, hands down best hiking in the county.

Has varied terrain, river, hills, flat areas. Also a fairly large park.

Equestrian trails. Also zip lining in this park as well. No camping allowed here.

My favorite place to hike.

Lake is nice but the trails are just “meh”

Getting out on the lake is the reason you come to this park, let’s be honest. Decent sized lake to accommodate fishers, kayaks, SUP, and swimmers, all on a busy holiday sucks as Memorial Day.

There is a trail that leads from south shore to north shore, but the one time I tried to hike it, it was closed. And the staff who I talked to about hiking there didn’t tell me it was closed, nor was it marked on their trail maps there were giving out in the checkin office. This really upset me cause the only other trails there are small loops.

There is another LCRA park about 20 minutes away where the staff actually marks on the maps daily what trails, if any, are closed off that day.

Woodsy with a nice little lake

I live about 25 minutes away from this park and have taken my dad fishing here as well as hiked here several times. There are so many trees that it keeps the Texas sun and heat off you pretty dang well.

Bathroom is well kept as well as the park.

Like a Phoenix

A fire and flood can’t keep this park down. A fire took out much of the greenery and a flood took out a bridge, but it’s still a good old favorite for locals to go hike at.

Want to ride our bike? Perfect because this park has an 11 mile back road to another state park! Had a lot of hills so perfect for someone who doesn’t want a boring flat trail.

Greenery is slowly coming back but seeing the burned forest also has its beauty. Reminder of how it can all Be gone in a flash.

I have not camped here because it’s so close to home but I have hiked several times.