Amy J.

Fort Worth, TX

Joined June 2017

Love to kayak, hike, & camp!

Birthday Trip

Came here with my husband for my birthday for one night. We had a great site on a loop close to the restrooms (which is a plus). We roasted hot dogs, played games, went hiking, and had an all around good time. We've also come here with our big group and rented a couple of the shelters. Unfortunately it rained almost the whole weekend but we still made the best of it. We will be back.

Camping and Hiking

Our big group came here and we rented a few of the screened shelters. The hiking here is fantastic. Rock climbers come here as well. You can also rent kayaks. Great place to camp and explore!

Day Trip

Came here for the day to hike and check out the campsites. Hiking to the falls was fun and there is also a good loop trail that's supposed to be awesome. Didn't get a chance to do that one because it would've taken to long. Will be back though to camp and hike.


Went here for a day trip to hike to the top of the rock. We got there right as the park opened because it tends to get full. Call ahead before you go to make sure they haven't closed the park to outside visitors. It was a little drizzly when we arrived but luckily I had good shoes on to be able to go to the top. It started to clear up and it was a fantastic hike. I will definitely be back to camp and explore more of the park.


Our big group went camping here and rented some shelters. We went on a boat tour and it was just gorgeous. We also went to a petting zoo. The campsites are good and in lots of trees. Will definitely go back, especially to kayak!

Group Camping

Our big group has gone to Eisenhower twice. The park is on Lake Texoma. We went to kayak and camp. They have good hiking trails, great campsites, and lots to do.


I came here for a day trip to hike to the Gorman Falls. What a site! The Colorado River was really full so no kayaking happened, but the river is great for kayaking and fishing. They also have cave tours. The park is an underdeveloped park so the camping is a little primitive. I definitely will be back to camp, explore, and kayak.


Our big group rented all the regular screened shelters and had a blast. The hiking is decent here, and you can rent fishing rods if you didn't bring your own. Great, small place outside of DFW.

Great kayaking and camping!

We have a big group that camps every spring and fall. This was one of my favorites. The campsites are right on the water. We rented a few screened shelters and brought kayaks. Great, small park for both camping and kayaking.