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Stunning views & adventurous hikes

This is a really awesome spot for hiking and camping. There are so many abandoned mines out here and old trails, it's a fun adventure trekking up to the collapsed rubble of mining history. When the fire ban is not in effect there are also a lot of great shooting spots out here. There only downside is there are not very many camping spots, and the last one is quite a drive into rugged roads. There is a possibility of driving all the way in just to turn right back around due to no vacant camp grounds. If you get a chance to camp out here I highly recommend it. There is also a really beautiful spring with some of the freshest pure water that's tough to find but worth the hike to get to it!

Expensive camping

Nicely maintained campgrounds. It is paid camping, but it also gives you access to nice amenities like trash disposal and restrooms. However the camping costs per week did seem a bit over priced in my opinion. They close their campgrounds in the middle of September unfortunately, so if you're going to enjoy the fall weather your best bet my be dispersed camping.

Stunning views, bumpy ride in

Definitely worth checking out for the stunning views. It can be a bit tough to find a spot to pull over and park as it's a narrow dirt road into Rainbow Lakes. It's also definitely a super bumpy ride in so brace yourselves. If you want more luxurious camping you can rent out a campground at the very end and have access to water and restrooms. Definitely very family friendly when you pay for camping. Otherwise the free camping is great so long as you can find a spot to park and don't mind hauling your gear.

Good camping with occasional harrassment.

Legal to camp here as long as you're 100ft away from the road and in between the National Forest signes. You can't miss this huge turnaround right around Peak to Peak Hwy and CR 103. This single campsite is huge and great for group camping. I'd recommend group vs. solitary camping due to the amount of moose and bears that frequent the watering hole nearby. The only issue is harrassment from the locals nearby that try to claim that property as theirs. Absolutely no campfires allowed!

Small dispersed camping

Nice dispersed camping if you don't mind a smaller area. Small trailhead with not a lot of parking, but still reasonable. Lots of people come out in the fall for hunting season. Also a great place for outdoor yoga! Nice if you want some peace from the accessibility of West Magnolia as its a bumpy 5 mile ride down Magnolia Rd, which isn't paved. Keep an eye out, it's easy to miss the turn onto 357!

Its campable

Spot 21 is the best for privacy but the road is a bit rugged getting back there. I recommend a high clearance vehicle to enjoy. There are decent amount of campsites to pick from. Don't keep any valuables unsecured, as this campsite is a bus ride and a hitch away for the Boulder homebums. Don't mind the transient kids, they're just there. Campsite 15 also has a pond right by it if you want a bonus view while camped. Also, it's a good place to gather firewood.

Stunning views!

Always a beautiful hike around this area. Just a few miles up from the hessie trailhead, its definitely a bumpy ride that I recommend having a high clearance vehicle for. On beautiful days finding parking can be tough as everyone is out trying to enjoy the views at once. Had my first date here, and we were lucky to catch a view of a waterfall and a view of the galaxies at night. Great place to be and enjoy nature! If you're up for a mega hike there's also a glacier up the Fourth of July trail.

Alright dispersed camping

There are fifteen "marked" campsites. Throughout the summer they are all frequently occupied so it may be hard to find a spot a times. Moose visitors at dawn and evening, and hungry bears scavenging for food at night is a common occurance. Luckily my car alarm scared them off pretty easily. You'll hear dirtbikes during the day. The only main complaint I had was the lack of peace due to constant checks from boulder sheriffs.

Must check out the Devil's Waterhole!

We rented a spot which was just a solid brick shelter with two bunk beds. It was a small drive from our camp to the devil's waterhole. It was a slippery climb in and out but a beautiful swim with people cliff jumping nearby and a view of some falls. Lots of great rock climbing and hiking nearby as well. Also it was just a short drive from Longhorn Caverns, if anyone enjoys some great cave tours! Having access to nice cool water during a hot texas summer was great, I had a blast!

Best birthday camping experience!

This was a great campground for me as a first time camper. There is a cost to stay there so there is also water & electricity available at the campsites. There are also restrooms & showers as well. A walking distance from the campsite is an amazing trail that takes you through a small section of maple trees. Those maple trees were said to have made it from the ice age! I did a seven mile hike that ascended up different kinds of terrain. I definitly recommend this charming piece of hill country if anyone ever gets a chance to camp here!