Amanda H.

Toledo, OH

Joined May 2019

Large lots & Happy trails

The space we rented was supposedly big enough for 25 people! I couldn’t believe how big the spaces were. I don’t like how small the private drives to the sites are though, makes it impossible to back out. The dirt roads leading to the sites were hard to navigate as well and made me go in circles. There is no entrance map so I had to use GPS which took me to a dead end. It was a great site however and had small trails around the lake nearby, along with a suspension bridge.

Happy Doggo, Happy Dog Mom

I was expecting the trails to be harder…

But it was very relaxed and scenic. I took my dog and went about 5 miles. There’s plenty of parking, trails were not crowded, tons of access points and smaller trails to choose from. I wish there were more bathrooms along the trails. We could only access a toilet at the next town outlet/parking lot or a porta-John at a random park we found (we had to hike off the main trail to get to it). The people we ran into were all friendly. I will definitely be going back to explore more.