Amanda D.

Suffolk, VA

Joined May 2019

Favorite campground! Large, clean, lots of amenities!

So much to say! We’ve loved our trips to Pocahontas, even in the cold months of December and March. For one, the bathrooms/showers are nice and toasty (and super clean). I was there in December for a camping and mountain biking trip with Scouts. The group site we were at was very spacious and private. There were a few RV/tent sites nearby but not very close. We felt quite secluded but it wasn’t too far to walk to the bathrooms. The bike trails were epic fun! Some areas were more challenging than others, likely because there had been a lot of rain and wet leaves on steep bike trails can be tough to avoid slipping/sliding. But we made the best of it. I returned a few months later for a NOLS Wilderness First Aid course that was held in a large dining hall on the park’s property. It couldn’t have been more perfect! We camped there and drove to the dining hall each day for class. It was very well-organized! I have fond memories of this park and look forward to returning during other times of the year for more fun things to participate in!

A favorite! Many trails, playgrounds, picnicking, camping and more!

I was recently at Powhatan with a large group of Scouts. We spread across 3-4 tent/RV sites that we used as a basecamp while we hiked during the day. It was gorgeous! The trails were well-marked and a good place for a shakedown. We crossed some water sources and hiked along the James River. We even passed a nice playground and picnic area where we stopped for lunch. Everything was really nice, one of the nicest and cleanest parks I’ve been to recently. The campgrounds were well-maintained with lots of facilities. I especially liked how spacious the sites were. I didn’t feel like we were on top of our neighbors. I definitely want to come back here again!

Beautiful, clean, spacious!

Chippokes is a gem! Quaint park with a variety of activities. You can tour the mansion on the property along with some other historical sites, or just take a stroll along the shoreline of the gorgeous, sprawling James River. My son, furbaby, and I camped in their RV/tent site with easy access to their bathrooms which were spotless (and maintained multiple times a day) and warm! We bought firewood (there is a drop where you can just deposit money and grab a bundle) next to the bathrooms along with a locked ice bin so you can buy ice from the campground host. Everything we saw was well-maintained. We navigated our way to a mile-hike to the river so we could fish off a kayak dock. I was surprised when we arrived that they don’t rent kayaks (though it appears they have the capability to, perhaps they only do it for special occasions or times of year). All the staff we encountered were super friendly and helpful. You can even buy ice cream at the visitors center! This was a big plus for my son. We’ll definitely be returning!

Beautiful views, well-maintained trails, variety of amenities

I recently led a large group of Scouts to the Mathews Arm Campground in SNP. We spread out over 4 RV/camper/tent sites as our base camp. There was definitely a lot less privacy/space between sites here at SNP than I’ve noted at other parks across Virginia. I suppose it’s because it’s a national park, with a big draw and higher volume of visitors. The roads were well-marked and paved nicely. The bathrooms were okay, I’ve been in better-maintained/cleaned ones and worse ones, so I’m not going to complain. They were quite prevalent though. The staff that circulate around the park were quite friendly! We had a lovely hike to a nearby waterfall that was gorgeous. We even took a group out hiking across the AT and did some backcountry camping. I was impressed by how well-maintained the trails were! We had a really nice time and I look forward to returning again soon. I will note that our original reservation was for the Southern Section, but because of the winter storms, there was a lot of storm damage which caused them to close down quite a bit of Skyline Drive and they automatically shifted our reservation (with the option to cancel) to the Northern Section of the SNP. So, we didn’t hike what we expected to, but we still had a nice time, regardless. Plus, a couple days before our trip they did open the Southern Section, but we left our reservations and plans alone.