Allie H.
College Station, TX
Joined June 2018
Beautiful but putting up tent was a pain

We chose the Aspen campsite (55 on the map), which was an extra $10 to be next to the river. It was indeed a beautiful site, but we were up above the river and there was a fence blocking off the bank. It wasn’t as close as I thought, but it was still really nice. We walked on the river trail, and despite how many people were at this campsite, the trail seemed pretty secluded considering how pretty it was. We got right next to the water and relaxed for a few hours reading and what not.

The real problem for this campsite was putting our tent up! The ground was incredibly rocky at our particular site. We would put our stakes in the ground over and over, only to have them smash into rock about two inches underground. We tried moving the tent to just about every spot possible. We finally gave up and put it on a hill and spent the night slowly sliding down in our sleeping bags. Perhaps it was because we were novices at putting up a tent, but we could not get those stakes in the ground. It was the worse sleep we got of our entire road trip. The shower was also kind of far from us, so maybe avoid this site! The overall grounds were great though. I would definitely return.

Nice campsite, clean facilities

This campsite offered a nice amount of space, but it wasn’t as private as some of the others on our trips (no tree coverage at our site). It was very quiet here though, and it was easy not to really notice anyone else, even though several people were there camping. Our site was right behind the dune/wall blocking the campsite from the beach. It was maybe a 1 minute walk. The beach was very nice and peaceful. Our particular site was a little bit further from the restroom (maybe just a 2 min walk), but these showers were the best of the three on our trip. It had a stall with a bench and hooks before you walked into the shower (so two doors, like there was a mini changing room). They seemed clean but still wore flip flops.

Close to ocean and spacious camp site

Our campsite had a lot of room and was a short walk over to the beach. Our particular site (A07) was conveniently located by the restrooms/showers. The shower room was decent. There were quite a few people there out and about having fun, but everyone had their own space, and it wasn’t particularly noisy. It was also just an 8 minute drive down to the local town. The campsite was well kept and the workers there that day were incredibly nice.