Alexey P.

Boca Raton , FL

Joined May 2019

Nice camp

You will spend about hour to get there from alligator highway, despite it close location (you need make a loop). 

camp by itself is very nice and quiet. it also has two locked entrances to special off-road  trails (ORV permit required).

Perfect if you’re lazy to drive long

Good location in the middle of urban area, cabins to rent. We’ve used for daycamp without overnight, but you can do that if you want

There are few campgrounds on this local road

All of it easily accessible from road. You don’t need 4x4 to get there from bee highway.

I couldn’t get there two times

Road is usually flooded, keep in mind you have to pick very dry time of the year

Nice location

You have to use unpaced road to get there, so keep 4x4 in mind. Place is nice, lake walk, gates, toilets etc is available. Firewood is in forest :)

Nice distant campground.

No access from 75, don’t be fooled by close location to it. Overall it’s nice