Alex K.
Alamogordo, NM
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Great large group area just outside of the beautiful cloudcroft

The lower fir group camground is a great escape to the mountain camping. Next to a not so busy 2 lane road. You can go higher into the woods to get away from the road if no one is out there. The proximity to the road is the only reason I marked it a 4. It's a beautiful area you can be with a large group of friends without being bothered by anyone. This site is usually vacant, at least on the two times I've been up there. Beautiful weather in mid spring to late summer outside of the local monsoon season. If going during monsoon season be prepared to get wet and muddy as the rain usually picks up around noon and ends in the late evening. They did have a restroom towards the entrance of the site. Site is very close to Cloudcroft if you need anything on short notice. They did have some fire rings as well.

Great place to hike away into your own campsite

They're a few areas that have a camp site established there but we chose to hike off into the trees and find our own spot. There are plenty of trails and campsites in the trees. Not a super popular area so they aren't too many people to fight over campsites with. They're are bathrooms there near the parking lot. They could be a little better but are just fine. Great place to cool down when coming from the basin and the 95+ degree days in the summer. Does get snow in the winter months and will drop below freezing. Beautiful pine trees surround the area. May run into deer or elk while out there.

Great little area for RV camping

This was a beautiful area as t the southern end of Zion. Went on a trip with some friends on this one who had a camper. The ground seemed to be a little too touch for tent stakes at our lot. And there were no trees to throw up the hammock I brought. We ended up throwing the hammock up between two Jeep's and that works just as well as trees. I didn't manage to get any pictures of the camping area itself. I'll upload a few of the main trail in Zion. We were there when it was around 100 degrees if not over it in the middle of July. Not much shade in the area. We didn't get to walk on a few of the trails due to a storm that caused a bit of damage. The rangers said it would be closed for a few weeks if not months. Also had a flash flood warning while we were there but it didn't affect us. Very beautiful area but be prepared to be very hot the entirety of the trip as there may not be much shade in your area.

Beautiful campground at the Grand Canyon

Very beautiful campground on the north rim. Plenty of shops and trails to hit while you're here. Great views of the canyon. I believe they are only open during the spring to summer months. Only 10 percent of the annual Grand canyon visitors go to the north rim. Beautiful visitor center with very helpful park rangers. They're are quite a few trails that take you to different view points of the canyon which I will attach. If you choose to camp here ensure you reserve a spot a few months out as they usually fill up quickly. I made a reservation about 7 months in advance.

Quiet escape with hiking available

Great little campground at the base of the mountains. Provides great opportunity to hike and learn about some history in the area. Initial part of the hike is pretty strenuous but it becomes easier after about .7 miles. Campground has hookups for RVs and plenty of flat lots for tents. I believe the fee for the state park was 5 dollars per night. This camp ground is far enough off the high way you don't get any vehicle noise. Only vehicles you'll hear are people coming and going from the campground or hiking trails.