Aaron A.

Omaha , NE

Joined March 2017

antelope at the dugway

nice place to stay. would not recommend tent camping, the area is covered in rough sage brush not ideal for tents. great free spot if you have a camper. as o pulled into my spot there was and antelope that hung out for about 30 minuets not 50 yards from me. also bring plenty of bug spray. Tons of mesquites unless there is a breeze.

Great trails

The trails are well marked and easy to follow. I was very impressed on the hike in campsites. They already have a nice flat spot for your tent, although I'm a hammock camper. The views from the two south east campsites are amazing, looking over the Missouri River valley and the Omaha skyline in the distance.

Nice little hike

I didn't get a chance to camp, but did a little hiking. The trails are well kept up and easy to follow. The small waterfall was a nice surprise as well!!

Preparation canyon

This is a nice hike in only camping area. The trails are well maintained as are the campsites. I only went out a day to test out some new equipment but will definitely be back