White mountains celebration thread

there’s no way to talk about New Hampshire camping without the White Mountains, as they take a quart fo the state. I know they are super rugged, but wha’t everyone’s places to hike and camp here?

I enjoy the National Forest campgrounds along the Kanc. They don’t have much in the way of amenities, but they’re nice sized sites and are a little quieter. Lafayette Place in Franconia Notch SP is a great location if you want to get an early morning start and beat the crowds up to Franconia Ridge, but you’ll deal with more road traffic than the ones on the Kanc. For family friendly hikes, I like a quick trip up Potash or Hedgehog. Once I bagged the New England 4000-footers, I turned my attention to the 52-with-a-view list and have been enjoying new hikes with beautiful views as a reward.

My husband and I are overlanding on the way from Cincinnati to Acadia this fall. Right now I have 2 days in the WMNF. One night of camping in Russell Pond and another night in Covered Bridge. Hedgehog was on my maybe list for hiking while in the area. Any other moderate hikes (less than 5 miles) in the area you would recommend? TIA!

From the same trailhead is the hike to Potash, another peak on the 52-with-a-view list. Champney Falls is very popular, especially with the crew heading up to Mt Chocura.

While you are at Russell pond, if you make a trip to Franconia Notch, the short hike to Artist’s Bluff and across the ridge to Bald Mountain is fun with nice views back down the notch. Also consider going to Lonesome Lake. That’s <1000’ elevation gain with a nice views back across to Franconia Ridge (a gorgeous, but strenuous, classic hike). Parking for these last two can be troublesome, especially on weekends and autumn, but there is a hiker shuttle near Cannon Mountain.

Here’s the list I referenced: http://www.newenglandwaterfalls.com/5

Enjoy! Hope you are ready to quarantine or get a Covid test for Maine.!

I’m sharing a picture of Rocky Gorge (near covered bridge) and one of the trail on Potash a few years ago in October.

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Friends posted photos of Welch-Dickey loop, which is off 49 in Thornton. That’s not far from Russell Pond and it’s a fun hike with open ledges.

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Beautiful! Thanks for the recommendations. Yes, we’re careful here (I’m a nurse) but we will get our Covid test prior to arrival as well. Thank you!

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