Which new mexico state park is your favorite?

in my mind it’s hard to beat Elephant Butte. What’s your favorite?

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I’m interested in hearing about this, too. I am in the beginning stages of planning a trip to New Mexico for May 2021. The only time I’ve visited Mexico was as a teenager, and there was no camping involved.

Hi, We were robbed at Elephant Butte . We had gone kayaking for the day, came back and a homeless man went thru our whole tent, ( looking for alcohol ) , he found it in our cooler, stole the beers , yelled at us . It was super creepy !!! Never again . We live in ABQ. NM 87107 . We host campers at our place. Mother Bosque Garden . Oh Yikes . Thanks , Michaela and Ernesto Maestas

I’ll check out your place. Thanks for sharing.

Eagle Nest. Easy drive Taos, Angel Fire and has great fishing.

I am a native New Mexican. First, we are not in Mexico. We are in the USA. Second, Elephant Butte is hot and ugly in my mind, so kind of surprised someone would rate it highly. White Sands NP, Carlsbad NP, Gila Wilderness all down south are nice. Best parts are up north where it is cooler. Taos, Santa Fe, high road to Taos, etc. Sugarite in northern NM is nice outside of Raton.

You must be referring to my comment. I am more than aware that NM is in the USA. That was a typo/omission, but I have a feeling you already knew that. :upside_down_face: :unamused:

Eagle Nest is great! We used it as a base to hike in Taos. Great fishing, albeit a little windy.

Hyde Memorial state Park was nice, but cold and snowy in late October. Beautiful hikes and definitely not crowded. Pulling a 5th wheel through Old Santa Fe was less than ideal.