Where's all the Nature?

I am new to The Dyrt, but I find most of the discussions are about where to camp, how to camp, and who else is doing it. Great! I need that info too to get “out there.” But my real question is “WHY?” I think we are missing the real reason we camp is to immerse ourselves in Nature, that feeling of getting back to our roots and really appreciating how the natural systems influence our lives, many times in ways we don’t recognize. I am a Master Naturalist, and as such, I am tasked to impart what knowledge I have gained over the years from both education and experience to anyone who shows a valid interest. You have obviously stepped out of the civilized side of life with your membership here, why not talk more about the critters encountered, the plants that are strange or familiar, the geologic features that draw us to visit in the first place? I am perplexed by the lack of those stories in such an obvious forum. I have many tales from Nature, but the members have an enormous amount of experiences too. Can there be a new category created just for the sharing of Nature Lore for lack of a better term? Just a thought…


We choose our camping areas for the hiking. I guess we don’t really add that into our reviews because it’s not what everyone is interested in.

I think it’s a great idea to have a forum to showcase the other aspects of camping areas.

Since there are so many styles of camping and reasons why people choose particular areas, being able to search for Wildlife, hiking, fishing, etc would be a great addition.

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I don’t include because I don’t know enough about it. We went to Hot Springs, AK last fall and I was amazed by the springs coming out of the ground, but did not know enough about it so I just included a pic. I have seen many beautiful birds but don’t know what they were and since I was looking at them wide-eyed did not get a pic. For me that is why I don’t include.

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Dennis if you could add Naturalist information to your reviews that would be incredible!

I’m always trying to ID the birds and trees when I’m camping, and googling the history of the area. Would love to see more of this on The Dyrt!


Good point, Dennis!! We don’t camp just to cook over a fire, either! We hike, explore, take a gazillion photos, and have adventures that are priceless. What is beyond the campsite?


Not just the beauty, or the minimalism but the recognition that “we” are truly insignificant alone in the wild. There is a comfort in embracing the idea. I can let go of all the stuff and concentrate on my immediate needs…my husband, where to make our nest for the night, what we need for the moment. Truly a reminder that we aren’t as wonderful as we like to think we are.


Thanks Taylor, I can do that.

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There ya go!

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Thanks for the photo. It’s a good one. And I appreciate people that appreciate Nature. Keep on camping!


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Oh yes. Seeing wildlife is one of my main reasons to go out there. I like to go out at twilight and look for critters. River trips are some of the best places to see everything from bald eagles to bighorn sheep.