Where to camp in Arizona to avoid fires

I heard a lot about the fires in Arizona devastating a lot of the landscape - as someone who is looking to go down there this fall, what camping areas do you recommend that have been unaffected?

Hi Taylor, use this link and find out where all the fires are burning in the US. Its undated all the time and has information on older fires also. https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/

Enjoy your fall!
Stay safe.

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There are so many areas you can still go. We don’t have many burning now and hoping it stays that way. Obviously there are fire restrictions though so that takes away from the campfire experience. Here are just a few campgrounds we really enjoy.
Fool Hollow Lake Campground - Show Low
White Spar Campground- Prescott
Mingus Campground- Prescott/ Jerome
Pinegrove- Flagstaff (May be chilling)
Patagonia Lake Campground - Rio Rico
Lake Pleasant Campground- Peoria

Hope that helps. All these but Mingus you can make reservations at!

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