Where can i find some good quality coffee beans on the go?

Hey there, I am planning a trip over the next two months in my RV, So I want to buy some good quality coffee beans(because I am a coffeeholic:joy::sweat_smile:). Could anyone tell me where can I find some good coffee beans?

Costco’s house blend is one of our favorites. They’re fairly good. Even though they contract out the roasting to Starbucks, they’re not over roasted like Starbucks coffee. We just tested out the Mulli Travel Coffee Grinder with them as well, and they were pretty great: https://www.amazon.com/Mulli-Portable-Electric-Adjustable-Espresso/dp/B09G6NY2HL <- not an affiliate link.

If possible, plan to hit a few roasters where you are traveling to sample a variety. It seems there are roasters everywhere nowadays and we love sampling new coffees.

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Search for local coffee shops and roasters along your route. The fresher the beans, the better the coffee. You can start with a local coffee shop and buy beans by the pound. I’d get about as much as you think you’d use in about three weeks then get fresh beans on the road. A pound at one-to-two pourover cups a day gets me through about two and a half to three weeks.

I made a Google MyMap of the top 250+ local/micro coffee roasters in the country for my travels. Mostly based on Roast magazine annual awards and a few other national lists.


I subscribe to Trade Coffee (drinktrade.com). Twice a month, I get fresh beans, but you can also special order for occasions like this. I also have a camping French Press and a small handheld coffee grinder (grind while I wait for the water to boil and get my morning exercise in).

I hooked into some amazing quality coffee from a tip from my co-worker. Forgive me if this is a plug against any rules (new here). I don’t work there or get any profit from this:

They are in Chicago. You can buy it online. It ain’t cheap but it’s good, very good. You won’t be disappointed.