What's the best trailer hitch lock?

I bought a cheap lock for my trailer’s hitch for when we leave it in the driveway and we go out of town but I don’t trust it. Any recommendations for something not too spendy but strond?

In the Apache pop up group I’m in, one of the members had their pop up stolen. They eventually found it somewhat stripped and only because they had a Ring video that gave them a good description of the SUV that drove away with it. A lot of recommendations were to get a wheel lock (boot style) AND a ball and hitch lock (the sort that plugs up the hitch so it cannot be attached to a vehicle). I’ve looked them up for my own peace of mind (mine is in the garage, but still) and the combo runs about $400.

I’ve seen this same topic come up elsewhere and the reply was that utilizing several security devices rather than a single good one was better. The cordless angle grinders can cut right through hardened steel bike locks in under a minute. Requiring the thief to have more than one tool makes it harder for him. You just don’t want to be the easiest target in the neighborhood.

My husband watched a YouTube video and was amazed how quickly most of the standard locks were just popped off. The recommended locks are so expensive. Also looking for recommendations.

Thanks // Gigi


I bought an AMPLock U-BRP2516 RV/Trailer Coupler lock in addition to locking pins. This one is heavy duty and cost $265. It was a steep price but I’m hoping that as heavy duty as it is, it will give thieves a run for their money.


Proven Industries makes the best trailer lock on the market. It isnt cheap, but you can rest assured your protected. They have videos on their site of people trying to get the lock off with pry bars, saws, grinders ect… and it holds up.
Check it out - https://www.provenlocks.com/


These are my favorite! Fort Knox Locks

A hitch coupler lock is a U-shaped locking device that fits over the tongue coupler. It helps prevent another vehicle from attaching to your trailer. Also, certain hitch coupler lock models help keep the wheels of your trailer from moving. You can find different hitch coupler lock designs on the market. But make sure that the unit you get will fit your tow vehicle and trailer’s hitch for it to work effectively.

Visit the lock store near or contact a locksmith. They can provide the best Hitch lock at a reasonable cost.

Thanks I will surely get one for myself from a lock shop or from a locksmith near me.

To prevent trailer theft, you can have use one or multiple methods to lock a trailer such as using hitch locks, wheel chock locks, installing an alarm system,… The wheel chock lock is the best among the theft-proof trailer locks because the thief has to break the tire before it can remove it from being clamped to the tire and wheels.

Locking a trailer is a necessary precaution. For additional security, combine the receiver lock with the coupler lock.

We travel with a small skiff for exploring. If the boat is going to stay in the water instead of launching everyday. If I can’t keep it at the campsite and it would be in the marinas or ramp parking lot, especially if we are out of state I will lock the coupler, run a very large chain thru on wheel then around the axle and another large chain around a light pole, tree or something big then around a frame post. No issues so far.