What's the Best RV Club?

I joined FMCA (Family Motor Coast Association) entirely for their Sprint Wifi Deal.

What club are you in, and what one’s do you have experience with?

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We’re part of Escapees/Xscapers and have found their resources to be helpful, plus it’s a good community of travelers and nomads to be a part of.

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How’s the Sprint wifi working for you, Taylor? Truly unlimited?

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it is truly unlimited :slight_smile:

And no throttling after a certain amount of usage? Verizon Wireless offers unlimited, too, but they (may) throttle after 15 gb per month.
Sorry to keep harping on this. Just wanted to confirm your experience.

haven’t had any throttling!

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Can you tell me more about FMCA? Benefits? Thanks!

Here’s the link to FMCA benefits:

There are many, but the value of them really depends on what you do and how much you’re on the road.