What's the advantage of a small toy hauler over other small RVs?

it seems like when you try to do a little bit of everything you are jack of all trades but master of none. maybe i’m wrong. thoughts?

Toy haulers are great if you need the cargo space for an ATV or dirt bike. A small RV will be better in terms of accommodations and comfort. At least the ones I’ve seen…

If your toys are the smaller and non-motorized sort like kayak, mountain bike or ebikes you might want to look at the Airstream Basecamp. Altho we tow ours with a Ford Transit van that also can hold our toys, the Basecamp is designed with a rear door that can be used to load in your bike or small boat between seats that can later become the bed. Also has wet bath and kitchen. Can be towed by many SUVs

Our primary use for our TH is BBQ and Steak Competitions, so we need the rear ramp door and open floor plan to load our smokers/grills. The trade off is when is it used when the toys are not loaded. We have to fold down couches that we sleep on instead of a bed. We still have a head and small kitchen, etc.

If we didn’t have toys to load we would have bouth a small TT instead.

Toy haulers are great when you haul bigger things but when sleeping in them its a little like sleeping in a warehouse. If its like kayaks, bikes etc you might look at something with a rear entry door like Sun-Lite 16BH to easily put those things inside but still have it be like a home on wheels. Only downside is having to move and leave those things outside to use the trailer.