What Vehicle is right for Camping?

Hello All! My name is Chris and I am an avid offroad/camping enthusiast and have been all over! I want to go over some things for the campers who want to see how far they can get into the bush with their vehicles.

What is the right Vehicle to take out?
It is important to make sure you have the right vehicle for the spot you are looking at before making any plans, but it all depends on where you are going! However if you are looking to get a little more extreme with your camp sites, such as heavy snow or rain (I love doing this), make sure you have the right vehicle with it!

Any vehicle going into this type of condition with Street tires will give you a hard time. You can get far in a 2WD SUV with the right tires in the rain! I recommend tires such as Toyo Tires ATIII, Falken Wildpeak AT3W, Nitto Ridge Grappler ATs, and so on! Some light mud and rain wont be too bad at all. Something like some small mud puddles, dirt, and even light snow will be just fine for any high-Clearance vehicle with 2WD and good all terrain tires.

However if you are looking to really get into the nitty-gritty of it and go deep into the bush with Heavy rain + Mud, or deep snow, Make sure you have the right vehicle! Something with High Clearance and 4WD will get you far. If you really want to go to extremes, I recommend Mud Terrain Tires! Something like Toyo Tires M/Ts, BFgoodrich KM3, or Yokohama M/Ts! I have some photos of myself and a buddy that shows what a good vehicle with 4WD and tires will get you.

You can go on and on with Mods on vehicles to get you out places, but this can be in a different discussion!

If any one has any questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer anything you may have!

I don’t as always told by 4X4 enthusiasts that you go as far as 2 x 2 allows and no farther.

Of course! Know the limits of your vehicle no matter if it is 2WD or 4WD! You can get far with 2WD, however if you are having doubts, take another route!

I have converted my RAV4 XLE for camping. Only 2WD and normal highway tires but it does just fine in most State and National park situations. Just use your head and don’t try to emulate what you see in the TV ads. The car has fairly good clearance so it handles most unpaved park roads well but it is not going over boulders. Also, I just wonder if good all or tough terrain tires are just too noisy and inefficient for the long trips on paved highways to the great off-road destinations?

The new Generations of RAV4s are awesome vehicles! Comfortable and much more capable than you would think. Tires all change in road noise depending on company and style, however if you are looking to upgrade your tire style and get something a little bit more aggressive while keeping noise down, I would recommend checking out Toyo Tires! I have personally had their AT3 (All Terrain III) and the road noise never bothered me! They are still the quietest, yet best traction tire I have ever used, and same goes with some other friends who have used them compared to other tires. Hope that helps!