What’s your best tip for “making time?”

I’d love to start a collection of “Pro tips” with descriptions of how you find ways to prioritize getting out there to camp in your life?

It takes a lot of work to make time to get outside when life gets busy.

What are the small things you do to keep your options open for getting in camp time?

Putting dates on my calendar way in advance to block out time for camping.


We choose to go places where there is no cell signal…phones “not allowed” with the kids and we choose to do the same with us. That way, no one is distracted by video games and the like. And because we go mostly to the BWCA, you have to have a permit and it has to be booked about 6 months in advance (to get one…they go fast). So we just make it happen! My husband says “put it on the calendar and it becomes a commitment”. Just make a promise to yourself to do it! :slight_smile:


Work hard, save your money and retire early! That’s what we did.


Yes…that is definitely part of the plan! Making more money as we get older doesn’t mean we spend more. It means we pay things off and save more so that we can do what we want later! Agreed!


And…camping doesn’t mean you have to drive a hundred miles and hike a hundred more to camp. You can set aside a day or so a month (like date night or movie night) and it’s just the time you use to go camping! I can be on a back country site on a local hiking trail. Or at the local state park (we do this with the kids when it’s a spur of the moment thing and they are antsy to go somewhere fun!). Easy to get to, but still camping. And that will make you crave more, and then do more.


Currently in pursuit of this dream!

Any tips on retrieving early :sweat_smile:

Great tip! I found creating an “overnights” list here has really helped. We just searched up campgrounds nearby. Whenever time pops up- I’ll have the wish list ready!

Lots of single nighter or two night trips. Living somewhere where camping is easily accessible helps, I live in Northern New Mexico so we have quick hiking and camping super close!!! Also, having a job with good off time, I’m a teacher so even in a normal year I have long weekends and summers (remote teaching due to covid this year has given me even more opportunities). I love backpacking and tent camping, but I finally pulled the trigger on a teardrop camper and that extended my season on both ends as well.

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This year, we really wanted to make time for more camping. So, we decided to camp once per month this year. Each camping adventure is in a new campground. We sat down and started looking into areas we wanted to visit, but haven’t yet. It’s usually just one weekend a month, but sometimes those are long weekends and one month is a whole week. The camper we have is actually new, so we’re also trying to adjust to it before we go camping in Yellowstone next year!

We’re definitely making the most of camping this year. Hoping to continue the trend in years to come. :blush:


This is a great tip! Are you using the lists on the Dyrt app? It’s a great way to collect campsites in areas you want to visit. That way when time opens up, you can choose the area and not have to do all the research again.

Congrats on the new trailer!

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We’ve been doing once-a-month camping since August (though COVID prevented that for us in January & February). Mixing it up with old favorites and exploring new places. Mostly just 2 or 3 nights but a few longer trips mixed in.

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Oh, I most certainly am making lists on the app!! I don’t know what I’d do without it. :heart:

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Having a trailer has made it easier because we can leave everything in it. All we have to do is pack food and clothing. I used to spend so much time packing the car and using my tetris skills to get everything in just right. Now I don’t have to worry about it. Start small with a tent trailer and upgrade when/if you can.

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After I had my first heart attack, My wife was visiting with me when the hospital pastor came in to chat. Something he told us has always stayed with us since then. He said when it comes to making decisions…”you can always make more money, but you cannot make more time. Take the time for the things that really count”.
Thats how we make time to camp.


It has been said previously but marking time in advance in the calendar is big for me. I think setting an expectation with friends to do an annual trip also works.

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Great tips! I just started a shared calendar with my friends group this last month. We’ve already got three intersecting trips on the books for the summer.

“The annual trip” is definitely important.

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Sounds like your summer is going to be lit! :fire:

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