What resources do you use to keep track of fires?

This is the main one I know about, but just wanted to ask if people had other resources to share and help people out!


We have been checking with the website for the forest we had reservations. Well, now ALL the National Forests in CA are closed, so we have been on hold for ages trying to get our money refunded. Seems like a real slap in the face to have to pay cancellation fees when they have closed the forests.

Did get an email from recreation.gov and they will refund all the reservation fees. The US Forest service was very helpful.

I follow a few national forest Facebook pages, they usually have up to date fire info.

Since I live in Idaho, I check this one out a bit too:

For California wild land fires not on federal land, I use the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection site: https://www.fire.ca.gov.

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Because we are currently living near the Sierras I have multiple FB pages for nearby Counties as well as California State Fire info. Also Northern Nevada Wildfire as well as Truckee Meadows. We keep adding to our resources info list.

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Also Tripcheck.com shows road closures.

Since I asked this question: we’ve published an article about the currents fire closures and how to stay safe. https://thedyrt.com/magazine/local/2020-wildfire-danger-camping/