What is your favorite way to repel mosquitoes outdoors and why?

Our family is looking for a new way to repel mosquitoes outdoors, we have tried citronella, mosquito swatters, mosquito repellent cream for the past three years, citronella is effective, but we think we need some additional supplements to prevent mosquito bites in summer, we prefer the more popular portable mosquito repellents, they look very smart, but my wife and I do not have any experience in this area . Can you guys give some good advice, such as recommending a good portable mosquito repeller or offering some better ways to repel mosquitoes?

I am a mosquito magnet! My favorite is Thermacell. While still not 100%, it’s great for about 95% of the issue for me. There are a bunch of “styles” of them, but they all generally do the same thing. The good - they work! The bad, they work best in “still” air. If the breeze is blowing, then it’s hard to create the “bubble” around you that it does once turned on (needs about 15 min to do it’s thing/warm up).

Now - that said, if the breeze is blowing, mosquitoes aren’t so bad, but might want a back up repellent just in case (I love Swamp Gator lotion - all natural without a horrible scent, in my opinion).

Very easy to use…you screw in a fuel source, depending on the style. Usually a small butane cartridge or a small fuel canister. Then, add a “pad” that’s infused with the repellent and click the “light” button and wait about 15 min for the bubble to “surround” you. Again, not 100%, but the best option I’ve found. And again, I’m like a human pin cushion.

Good luck!

Hope this helps!

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As unpopular as it is, Deep Woods Off. We spray down and have no problems. Some people dont like the chemicals but I think the limited exposure for camping is ok. With mosquitoes carrying other disease, probably a good gamble.

I use animal pest repellers like Tomcat Rodent Repellent to keep pests like mosquitoes, rats away from my home. 5 Best Rat Repellents - Reviewed and Rated (Summer 2022) Here you can see some other ideas regards animal pests.

I will use mosquito repellent and bring a screened canopy.