What is the best tent cot?

Looking for a two person tent cot to be used while car camping. Definitely wouldn’t mind being a few inches off of the rocks while camping. What’s the best tent cot?! thank you

I had a Kamp Rite oversized camp cot for just myself and it was very well made
I did add 2 grommets to the rainfly entry flap so I could use it as a small canopy…it worked out nice to cook in the rain and some shade

I use the Kamp-Rite tent cot. I love it, but it’s a big piece of furniture. Friends of mine have the double, but say there’s a big bar through the center, not good for cuddling

Another vote for Kamp-Rite tent cots. I have the oversized Double tent cot and I use it for solo car camping. I am a big 6’3" and like the extra space especially for some gear inside.

There is one downside to the double and that is the center support bar. It runs the length of the cot straight down the center. Because of this you can’t really sleep in the middle of the space when solo. You have to sleep on one side or the other. I typically just keep extra clothes, headlamp, a small fan, ect on the second side and my sleeping pad or mattress on the other. It does give me more room to sprawl out though with arms and legs occationally hanging over on to the unused side.

It has been through a few rough nights with me and still kept me dry and warm. A few southern thunderstorms with heavy rain and high winds were a challenge but it worked like a champ. I think the fairly low profile and smooth domed shape help it handle wind and driving rain.

My List Of Best Double Tent Cots

  • Cabela’s Double Tent Cot.
  • Kamp -Rite Compact Double Tent Cot.
  • Kamp -Rite Double Tent Cot.
  • Outsunny Compact Camping Cot Tent Combo Set.
  • Ozark Trail Two-Person Cot Tent.
  • Tangkula 2-Person Outdoor Camping Tent Cot.
  • Tangkula Two Person Tent Cot.
  • Timber Ridge 2 Person Quick Setup Full Fly Cot Tent
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Last year i went to camping with my wife and i use Coleman Camping Cot which is the best camping cot in my view. It was not only comfortable but also good for two person.
It may be folded and carried in a tiny, easy-to-hold bag between destinations.