What are your favorite RV parks in Bend, Oregon?

Bend seems to be the premier place for RV camping in central Oregon. What’s everyone’s favorite RV parks in Bend, Oregon?

The “Bend-Sisters Garden RV Park” is a very nice place! It’s a little on the expensive side, but very nice. It’s closer to Sisters (may 4-5 miles) than Bend (probably 15+ miles), if that makes a difference to you. They can accommodate virtually any size RV, but I think they’re a little picky about only wanting “newer” ones. Ours was 10 year old at the time, but since it looks brand new, I wasn’t questioned.

If you’re into the “unique” kind of place to camp in an RV for one night, check out the Erickson Aircraft Collection in Madras. Through Harvest Hosts membership, you can camp basically on the flightline in a gravel parking lot, and visit plenty of planes and warbirds. The one night we were near Bend in 2019, it was quilt show time in Sisters, so we couldn’t find any closer RV sites that weren’t prohibitively expensive. It is expected that you’ll check out the aircraft collection, which is cheaper than some nightly rates at RV parks.

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