Welcome to the Campfire! Intro Thread | Week of 2/1

We have a bunch of new chairs around the campfire from this last week. Let’s welcome our new members to the forums!

As an intro, share your home state and your favorite spot you camped last year!


Welcome Everyone :smiley:

I’ll go first — welcome again, all! Excited to hear your experiences. I’m Taylor the community coordinator at the dyrt and my home state is all over (I live in a van). My fave spot last year was definitely Mt Rainier, when I hiked the Wonderland Trail!


Thank you for the welcome!
I am excited to get out and spend more time out and about this year!
I wish I could share a favorite camping place from last year, alas, my life has not been conducive to camping for a while. I have been able to do a fair amount of exploring, but camping wasn’t in the cards.

I have many places I dream of adding to my list and and look forward to learning from others here. One place will get to back to this summer is the North Shore of Lake Superior here in MN. I look forward to more adventure there soon!

Thank you!


Welcome one and all. I know we are all anticipating an adventurous year ahead. We’re ready to get out on the road again just waiting for a little warmer weather, April.

Welcome, everyone!
(Pennsylvania, favorite campground is Cade’s Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park)

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Our favorite camping destination is just about anywhere in Colorado.

We camped in Durango in September and hiked 10 miles of the Colorado Trail. We hope to add some more mileage on the trail.

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I’m Laure and I camp with my husband Ray. We live in the mid-Atlantic and camp mostly in PA, DE, and MD. We camp 10+ times a year in our TT. Headed to upstate NY this summer to camp on an island in Lake Ontario! Our last big trip was Smokey Mountains in TN. I’ve enjoyed every campground we’ve stayed in. Hope I didn’t just jinx us!!

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