Wall Covering Question

I am in the process of joining the van world… so naturally I have been doing my research and have seen a lot of different options for wall covering. My question to everyone is what works best for you? I will be in a smaller van so don’t want to lose a lot of my space building out an infrastructure but want it to look nice on the inside as I will be in it and want it to be my home on wheels.

Not sure if this is the answer you are looking for but we started with a cargo van and had a custom build to make it a camper van. Very important is sufficient insulation, which when it dips below freezing will be appreciated! Our builder did an excellent job of this and of finishing it to make it look “nice”. Good luck with your van. I’ll take some pics of ours when it is out of the garage and on the road next week and post them.

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that is what I am looking for!!! I will be taking quite a bit of time to build it and am looking to do something that doesn’t reduce my spacing very much as I picked up an NV200 for a micro camper, perfect space for me traveling alone. Cannot wait to see your photos!!!