TV Tower road (San Luis Obispo)

I just saw that this area has been closed to motorized vehicles and camping due to COVID restrictions, but I’m wondering if anybody has traveled it. I’m traveling by bicycle, and was actually hoping to ride through that area on my way up to Cambria. Trail maps look like you can get through, but I have heard that some of it may be private property that you can’t pass. Anybody know?

Also would be interested to know.

Did some research - found that it’s closed until November 3rd, 2021. Here’s the official press release:

I did it Saturday, Nov 21, 2020. Started in SLO, road 101 to the Old Stage Coach road, then up TV Tower Rd. Several hikers and mountain bikers were out, but motorized vehicles are still prohibited on TV Tower Rd, and there’s a gate to prevent passage.

To my original question, the trail north of the TV towers is rideable. It’s a forest service road, not “private” as was suggested to me by one of the local bike shops. There’s a gate where it turns from dirt road into what I think you would call single track (I’m kinda new to this), but no signs indicating closure or prohibition of passage.

Rather than going the Cerro Alto trail, I took the “Boy Scout” trail. It was pretty reasonably maintained and passable the whole way through. I’m not a very technical rider, so I had to walk my bike over a few obstacles and up a few steep gravel inclines, but it’s all “passable,” all the way down to where it crosses a creek and exits onto Hwy 41.

Quite challenging (for me anyway), but gorgeous!

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Thanks for reporting back! Sounds like a nice ride.