Trip Planner Issues

I just got The DyrtPro. I was using the Trip Planner to travel from Las Vegas to Moab with stops at the 5 National Parks along the way. The trip planned has several bugs:

  • It added a stop that was several hours out of the way on its own
  • It went from Zion to Canyonlands, Arches then back to Bryce Canyon and then Capitol Reef. This adds hundreds of miles on the trip.
  • It has Arches NP located at Escalante, UT. When did it move? How did they get all those natural arches to move there intact?
  • It suggested South Campground at Zion which is closed for the season. When I tried to substitute “Watchman”, the only other campground in Zion, where I already have a reservation, I had to find it among hundred of other unlabeled places.

While not being bugs, the following features would be nice:

  • Add dates for the trips to allow filtering out closed campgrounds
  • Add ability to include discounts in profile (America the Beautiful Pass)
  • Add ability to rearrange stops on a trip.

I tried to use the help feature, but it would only point me to a “how to use” page rather than a place for feedback.

Good day! I work for Customer Success at The Dyrt and have some great news! You can very easily rearrange your stops like this:

Once you have your trips opened, you can swipe up from the bottom to see your list of stops. Once you have that pulled up, you’ll see a button that says “Organize My Stops”. At that point, you can see the list and drag/drop them into a new order if you need to.

While we love that you enjoy camping with all sorts of programs, we offer our own discounted campgrounds with PRO so you can take advantage of those through The Dyrt!

Dates of open/close are something that we are working on, but as you can imagine, it’s a daunting task with over 44,000 campgrounds and the pandemic made it super hard to keep track. So it’s something that’s in the works.

If you are having issues with filtering and campground adds/routing, sometimes if you have too many “filters” turned on, the system will try it’s best to find campgrounds and routes that fit your needs. That may mean that the system routes you farther than you want to try and “get what you need”. You might try limiting the filters and may have better results. But we make it VERY easy with the new version of Trip Planner to add and edit the choices that are pre-populated.

Please email us at so we can better help you individually.

Cheers and happy camping!

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Hi Amy, Thanks for the reply and the info. I was trying to organize stops on my Mac and did not see the option that you pointed out was on my iPhone. Your point about 44,000 campgrounds and COVID is a good one. I do wish that I could add dates to my trip. At some point it would be good to get a recommendation to go to Arches NP on a week day and save Canyonlands for the weekend for example.

I was able to add Arches NP by using the Pin drop in the correct place and naming it. When I looked it up, it still wants to put Arches NP in the wrong spot (close to Escalante, not Moab).

I do like the layers for BLM, National Forest and National Parks for finding boondocking. I also think over time the Dyrt is going to keep improving. Thanks! -Tim

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So glad it worked! We are always making improvements, and just rolled out v 4.0.25 so check the app store for an update.

Please email for direct access to help of any kind with our site and app.

Happy camping!

Oh, I had almost the same problems with The DyrtPro. It added random stops and suggested motels that were closed.

Good day AceWeeks! Sorry for the troubles, but you are likely finding a different issue than the problems that were experienced when this thread started in 2021. Have you emailed us at yet? We’d love to troubleshoot and see what’s going on. Thanks and Happy 2023!