Trip planner filters

how do I filter out rv parks? I never want to stay at an rv park, I call them rv parking lots, and some are like trailer parks, rundown and trashy.

I don’t think you can eliminate them entirely via the filters. But if you set your filter to $50 or less for the price, I bet that would take almost all of them out. -Ari

Not all RV parks are created equal. We’ve been in some that were all grass, uncrowned and very peaceful. If you don’t want hookups, filter those out and you’ll get rid of them. If you want hookups, you may find you are getting a parking lot even in some state parks.

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You can also use exclusion filters. For example if you double tap on the “market” and “wifi” filters it will exclude all campgrounds with those features. This can help to remove the RV park type of campgrounds from your search.

Then all you have to do is tap one more time ( a triple tap) to clear the filter all together if you want to clear the selection.