Trailer or ladder options for rooftop clamshell tax

I recently purchased a toughstuff overland tent for my Subaru.

I’m so excited to use it, but I have two issues. Going down backwards on a ladder seems very dangerous ; what other options there are to make it safer. Perhaps some kind of folding ramp?

The other option is I’d like to find a utility trailer that I could attach it to and that perhaps has some storage underneath. I have a Subaru cross tech, which is not necessarily an off-road car. But I’d like to find a well-built trailer that I could mount the overland to.

Any advice

Would love to hear your ideas. Thanks so much in advance.


Have you considered a 8 x 5 teardrop?

Not sure about the tow rating of the Crosstrek but I know from experience it is pretty underpowered. Adding the weight of a decent trailer and gear may be too much for it. I know my d-i-l’s Crosstrek is a total dog in the hills with 4 adults in the car.