To do near Grayson Highlands

Anyone know of any great things to do around Grayson Highlands State Park? We have 2 boys, ages 4 and 7. We’ll be there for a week in July, and we’re planning on doing a lot of hiking! Would love some recommendations on things to do/eat/see in the area.

You can do bike shuttle/rentals for the Virginia Creeper Trail out of Damascus, which is a really great town in general for little cafes and stuff.

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Oohh! Great idea! Thanks!

There is enough to do and see right in the state park to keep them plenty busy and tuckered out. I didn’t need to leave the State Park other than replenishing a low food. The closest eats is outside the park, turn left and a few miles down on the right…but a sit down diner style is at the crossroads gas station another 5 miles. Great folk running that. If the pies and apple fritters are in stock grab the blackberry…made by local Mennonite lady

Thanks for the tips! Looks so beautiful there!!!