Tick prevention!

Hey guys! What is everyone’s best recommendation for tick prevention, both dogs and humans! I was thinking about buying one of these for my dog:
Has anyone tried anything similar?
It’s supposed to be bad this year in the Great Lakes region, trying to avoid them at all costs!:nauseated_face:

My main defense is to do regular tick checks but ticks are troublesome. I was thinking of backing this kickstarter. It’s a non-water cooling shirt. I was then thinking of spraying with permethrin as protection. I haven’t tried this for the dog other than spraying her backpack and my clothes.
Cooling Dog Shirt

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Although likely to be canceled this year, during the usual Boy Scout Summer Camp in Arkansas where the ticks are crazy bad, I always treat my clothes with permethrin.

NOTE: You don’t want to get the liquid on your skin, it’s a pesticide, not a repellant. You soak your clothes (I treat everything but my underwear) and let it dry. It will last through about 6 washes.

You’ll need something different for the dogs.



I agree with never putting permethrin on yourself or dog directly.
Isn’t it ok to spray the dog’s backpack or cooling shirt and let it set? I think it’s the same as with people. After it dries it’s ok for a month or so of use.

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Well, googling it a bit I see that the Sawyer brand is supposedly safe to put directly on dogs:

I’m not sure if I would without more research but certainly spraying on clothing/gear would be fine.

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Gold Bond Powder on ankles, neck, waist, sleeves, ticks my still get on you but they will not attach to the powered areas! We in Florida swear by this! I have been told by a vet safe for dogs - but you need to verify with your vet.

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Thanks everyone! I saw the spray on the same insect shield website, it does say it’s safe to spray on anything but to let it dry completely. I’ll definitely be getting some for him!!

The pup cooling shirt is amazing by the way!

I treat all my gear with Sawyer before heading out for a trip. Additionally I take with me Deep Woods OFF and make sure I keep myself slathered in a coat of it when at camp or hiking. Never had an issue when doing this. I really hate the smell of the older one but they have made some improvements in the past couple of years to make it far less disgusting. The Sawyer is pretty strong when it comes out for coating my bag, tent etc, but the smell goes away quickly.


I know there’s a lot of debate and a lot of opinions about natural versus chemical, but this is my own personal experience…

As much as I hate using chemicals on myself or my dog, the Seresto dog collars are the absolute bomb! Well worth the investment at about $60, and they last for 8 months! Waterproof too! At least on our dogs, once the initial two weeks that it takes for it to kick in fully has pased, the tick’s we do find, which aren’t many, are either moving slowly or are already dead.

Again, I’m not a fan of chemicals, but there is a time and a place. The permethrin works great if you spray it on your clothes ahead of time! And for natural repellency, especially mosquitoes, I use lemon eucalyptus oil. Not lemon plus eucalyptus, it’s a separate oil. It works for me, and I’m a mosquito magnet.

Again, these are my preferences, and they’re just what works for me and my household.

You might try Ole Time Woodsman Tick Dope. It is all natural. No chemicals The company has been around for over 130 years.

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I use the Ole Time Woodsman Tick Dope. Never have a problem in high grass or woods!
Great company. Been around for 130 years.

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