Thoughts on power banks like Jackery 500

We purchased a Jackery 500 and their 100w solar panel charger. We love it so far. Was just wondering what others were using and why?

Scott E. Fowler

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I’m using a Goal Zero 1400 lithium w/ 260w of solar on a camper van. Bought it 18 months ago on Craigs’ List, so price was one reason, and Jackery wasn’t that prevalent at the time. So far it’s working fine (once I got all cable accessories), can charge from vehicle and also have a shore power option. Wish I had bought bigger panels as it’s rated for 320w input and now I know you never get the full input from solar so I’m shorting myself. I would certainly consider a Jackery as my “next” battery. I’ll know for sure how my system works when I take off full-time June 1.

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We have a EcoFlow River 600. We have not gotten the solar panels yet, but our charges very quickly at home or in the car. We primarily use it for powering our rope lights in the camper and charging phones, but I have used it to charge my MacBook as well. I have been very happy with it so far. I looked at the Jackery and Goal Zero comparable models and decided on the EcoFlow in part because it can be expanded.


We use a Paxcess Rockman 200 power station with The Rockman solar 60 pro panels. We use it for overlanding camping. Runs the 55qt frig for about 16hrs when its on 30degrees. Blows up the bed and other things. Stays on car charger while we are on the trail and on the panel when we are stopped. Price was cheap on Amazon as a bundle and has been working fine for our needs. Cost was the biggest factor and the durability is fine. We just got back from a 7 day and night 4wheeling trip to Moab and it preformed flawlessly.

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We just returned from 5 day 4 night camping trip to Bolar Mountain Campground and wanted to give an update on our Jackery 500. It performed as it should have. It ran my CPAP machine each night and drew down about 48% of the battery with the humidifier part left on. It also powered a drill we had to buy to fix our truck bed cover, it worked great for that. The only issue was recharging with the 100 w solar panel, it doesn’t care to much for shade and there was quite a bit of shade. We switched to using the truck charger but that was pretty slow too. All in all it worked like it should, but maybe we should have bought a bigger solar panel.