The Dyrt was named “App of the Day” in the Apple App Store today! 🎉

In 2013, Sarah Smith sat at a picnic table and sketched a plan to make it easier to find a campground online.

8 years and over 1 million user-submitted campsites, reviews, and tips later, The Dyrt is the first camping app of 2021 to be featured as App of the Day.

Where are you most excited to go this year?


I’m not going anywhere new (at least nothing has been planned). I’m most excited to go up to the north shore of Lake Superior, that is our happy place. We are also renting a cabin through the state park system at itasca for my birthday, so I’m looking forward to just hanging out there for that weekend.

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Yay! Congrats on AAOTD! I’m most excited to head off to Pictured Rocks State Park in MI this summer for a solo backpacking trip.

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Awesome! Instead of two long road trips this year, we are looking at three, hopefully four shorter ones. Two will be headed out west, to Utah and the San Juan Islands, one in the Midwest and the last, as yet unplanned, is a location TBD. Of course, powered by The Dyrt! We are looking forward to all of them and keeping our fingers crossed that nothing will get in the way of them happening!

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