Texas State Park status

May 1, 2020

Texas State Parks are open for day use with some restrictions. Check the Texas Parks and Wildlife website for specific info for each park.


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I noticed while some parks are experiencing massive crowds the ones in North Texas are just experiencing what would be normal traffic for them at this point. I hope this helps them to realize we need the outdoors and they start to lift the camping restrictions in the lesser used parks which already have ample distancing.

We haven’t been to a state park since the first week we arrived (mid-March), but we are looking at our options. We purchased a state park pass for the year, which in hindsight is good news, since it looks like we’ll be in Texas for the rest of this year.

Our closest state park is Lake Livingston State Park, but there are others out here.

I was out and about this past week and weekend and state parks are booming right now!!! Great to see so many people camping… it is weird to me that playgrounds were still the roped off while public water fountains were not though…lol

Nice to know that one should bring their own supply of water. What was the condition of the restrooms?

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Of the parks I was going to I noticed mixed things with restrooms. Some had port-a-potty units set up alongside trailheads still instead of opening the vault or flush toilets. Others were fully functioning. I am not sure what determines which will and will not be at full use. Most of them do have on their websites any things that should be known however. With them only allowing in a certain number of visitors a day still however they are doing reservations for day and overnight use so definitely take advantage of this, walk ins are very limited right now according to what one ranger was telling me.